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LENOX Industrial Tools 300 - Rookie Post-Race Quotes

Where the Raybestos Rookies finished at New Hampshire:
Ragan 15th
Montoya 19th
Reutimann 38th
Menard 39th

UNOFFICIAL Raybestos Rookie standings:
Montoya 190
Ragan 176
Menard 113
Reutimann 101
Allmendinger 74
Whitt 2

JUAN PABLO MONTOYA, No. 42 TEXACO/HAVOLINE DODGE: WHAT WAS THE PROBLEM TODAY? “I don’t know, balance. The car started really good and we tried to fix it all day. We threw everything at it and it just got worse all day long. We started with a top-five car and finished with a top-20 car. I think we made progress from where we were before with the COT but it still shows we have a long way to go. I think the short runs we were really good. Long runs we were not strong as we need to be. Got some more season points and that’s important.” WERE YOU HAVING TROUBLE GETTING THE CAR TO CUT THROUGH THE CENTER OF THE CORNER? “Yeah, it just wouldn’t turn. And every time we made it turn I couldn’t get out of the corner it was so loose.” WAS THE COOL TEMPERATURE TODAY A FACTOR? “I wouldn’t think. It should have made the car a little bit more drivable but it didn’t.”


  • Ragan finished 15th and took Raybestos Rookie of the Race honors for the seventh time this season.
  • Ragan is the third different driver to claim top rookie honors in the last three races.
    RAGAN: “We got to work on qualifying a little better on the AAA team. We’ve always got good race cars during the race but you’re starting the race in 20th, 30th 35th spot it makes for a really long day. I felt like we had a top-10 car if we could have had good track position. We made some points up today. It was a decent day. A top-15 is certainly a work in progress to where we want to be but a solid run.” YOU PASSED A LOT OF CARS. “Yeah and I had a great time. I want to apologize to Kurt. There on that last lap, just racing hard, I just pushed him up the track a little bit. I guess he got up there in the loose stuff and couldn’t hang on. But I was racing hard. I just really wanted to get around him. I’ve got a lot of respect for him and certainly it was pretty neat to say that you raced that hard with Kurt. I look forward to talking to him and seeing what he’s got to say. We just have to work on practicing better, qualifying better so we can have a little better track position and get a little more than what we got.” DO YOU FEEL LIKE YOU’VE GROWN A LITTLE BIT? YOU DIDN’T PANICK WHEN YOU GOT BEHIND EARLY IN THE RACE. “A 300-lap race doesn’t seem like a long race but here in New Hampshire it took a little longer than a normal 300-lap race. We’re growing as a team and I’m learning what the car needs on a longer run. We’re fortunate today. We had some longer runs which kind of played into our setup. Like I said, we still have a lot of work to do. That’s a good finish, a good points day. Certainly going to Daytona anything can happen but we’ll have a hot rod down there for the night race and hopefully we’ll have some more fun down there.”

    DAVID REUTIMANN, No. 00 BURGER KING TOYOTA: “We were not great from the beginning but then we came in and made a pit stop and right away the car was much, much better and then a plug wire fell off. We run around there on seven cylinders and got a lap down and had to come in and try to fix it and lost a couple more laps there. On the plus side that’s by far the best car we’ve had at this type of racetrack. They made some gains on it, we learned a little bit today and we have a car to take somewhere else. It’s a blessing we made it through with what we had happening. When you’re having a bad day like that, you usually end up getting wrecked in the process, too [laughs]. We’ll take this thing and go somewhere else.” CAN YOU TURN A DAY LIKE THIS INTO A POSITIVE BY TRYING SOME DIFFERENT THINGS? “We tried some different stuff and the car responded to it differently. So we’ll know that much more when we come back here. At that point we have nothing to lose so you just throw something at it and if it screws it up, no big deal. If it makes it better, you’ve gained so that’s kind of the way you look at it. You use it as a big test session. Disappointing day but, hey, Daytona is next week.”

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