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Race 2 Win's Q&A with Sterling Marlin
Part Two

Jan 2001 - Sterling Marlin, driver of the number 40 Coors Light Dodge, was the driver chosen to participate in the 2001 edition of Race 2 Win's Q&A sessions.

Sterling took time out of his schedule to field questions from the readers of Race 2 Win.


What does the 2001 season hold for Steadman? Will he run a full season at Nashville? Will we see him in some Busch races or maybe even a Craftsman Truck series race?
Terry Wilcox (Twillie72)
Columbia, Tn.

Steadman will run a full Late Model deal in Nashville in 2001. He may run a few Busch races, I'm not really sure, but he will run probably at least 10 ARCA races in 2001 too.


Hey Sterling, I know you are going to give Dodge their first victory in 2001. Which track would be most satisfying for you to win at? Also, thank you for always going out of your way to sign an autograph or take a picture for me. You are a class act.
Bill Graves
Gallatin, Tenn.

I hope you're right about getting the first Dodge win. I'd like to win Daytona right off the bat, which would definitely get Dodge coming back in the sport a neat deal.
Thanks, I try to sign as many autographs for people as I possibly can, the fans are an important part of this sport.


Are you planning to have the benefit in February. If so, what time and where?
Timberville, VA

No benefit in February as of right now. We're putting something together in mid-January at the I-24 Expo in Nashville with some driver's signing autographs and stuff.


Sterling, I have been watching Steadman and I am curious to know whether you feel we will be able to see father and son competing in the Cup ranks any time soon. If that is a goal have you set an objective for a year that this may happen. Thanks for taking this time with us! Our webmaster (Holtz) is the BEST for giving us these opportunities to talk with our heroes.
Kelly Boland
Leesville, SC

I hope so someday. But, since I'm planning on running another 5-7 years, it's very possible. By then, maybe Steadman will have enough seat time to be competitive in the Cup Series.


Are you happy with the results so far with your new team members and owner? A top five at Daytona?
Bolingbrook IL

Tickled to death! We have a great bunch of people. Andy Graves, the team manager, is doing a helluva job and Chip bringing it all together, it's going to be good.
A Top-5 at Daytona is what I'm aiming for, a win actually.


Sterling - I went to one race this year in Martinsville (October race) and as far as I was concerned you raced the tires off the Coors Light#40 car that day. What particular memory do you have of that race?
Have a great off season and holiday. My best to the family. Looking forward to February and watching the Coors Light Dodge being the first Dodge in the winners circle (hopefully with that awesome looking silver paint scheme) Last but not least GO VOLS!!
Jayme Covert
Smethport, PA

My particular memory is we had a 2nd or 3rd place car, led a little bit on and off that day, but I knew at the end I had only taken 2 new tires and almost everyone else had 4, so I was pretty much a sitting duck. We still gave it our best shot to win, did all we could do. Hey, GO VOLS and GO TITANS!!


What has been your most memorable racing moment in your career?
B.J. Satkowski
Wilkes-Barre, PA

Winning the Daytona 500 in 1994 for sure.


Sterling, do you ever go out to your web page and read the post from all the fans on that board? And if you do, do you know we want you to come out chat with us? Now that it is off season, you should come on out to say hi!! You have some really great fans, and we have gotten to know each other because of the board on the web page!!
Margo Massey aka Longtime Marlin Fan
Nashville, TN

I swear I never have much time to do so, maybe occasionally, but not usually. I hear folks enjoy it though, wish I could come and chat more, but just no time.
Thanks to the fans over there.


We all know you follow the Vol's,But do you follow any professional sports teams?
Mike Vinton
Forn City,Pennsylvania

Not much into basketball, baseball, or hockey. I played football, so that's what I enjoy the most. The Tennessee Vols and the Tennessee Titans.


What are your goals for the 2001 season with the new Dodge?
B.J. Satkowski
Wilkes-Barre, PA

To win races! And if I don't win, to be competitive every week. I'm positive we'll be competitive and I'm hoping we'll win a few too in 2001 and finish in the Top-5 in points!


Do you have any advice for your son as he continues to make his climb to the NASCAR level?
Mike Vinton
Ford City ,Pennsylvania

Well, I let him know it's a very tough Series of competitors. In Winston Cup you have to give 100% every single time you're behind the wheel, you can't slack up ever! There's no playing around.


Hey Sterling just was wondering how concerned you are and the team about the current condition of Chrysler finance. Hope all work's out well, because boy I'd love to see you in victory lane again. Take care and be well.
Bill Bertsch
Milford PA.

Thanks. As far as the Chrysler financial situation, I just don't know. I do know I've talked to my guys and they all say that Chrysler is going to honor their contracts to the race teams. Daimler is big into racing, so we'll just have to wait and see, but I have no great concerns.


What is your favorite "Muscle-car" from the 60's-70's?
Brian Martin
York, PA

I like the older Camaro's. Oh yeah, the '69 Dodge Charger too.


Excluding Coors who was the best sponsor in Windston cup to work with: Piedmont, Sunoco, Maxwell House, Raybestos, or Kodak?
Jeff Ganser
Inver Grove Heights, MN

I guess Kodak. We got to do a lot of neat things with that team because there was more money of course. We went to ballgames such as the Super Bowl and just a lot of fun and interesting things.


Sterling, I see you every at both races at Bristol. And I'm glad that you make all the appearances that you do. I'm tied of watching all your talent go to waste on equipment that can't last. Is Chip Ganassi ready to clean house and give you the engines and other parts that you need to be competitive? I think you have what it takes to be competitive for the championship. Shock 'em in '01 Sterling.
Brian Lautzenheiser
Dayton, OH

Well, Brian, Chip's pretty much already cleaned house! Ernie Elliott is building our engines, which is great, we have a totally new team basically, a good team. We'll be seen and heard on the track in 2001.


I am a big Sterling Marlin fan, and my husband Ricky, is a large Bill Elliott fan. Sterling is going to a Dodge from a Chevrolet and Bill is going from a Ford to a Dodge! Dodge has made many strides in the Truck Series in recent years with their motor program! Do you think that Dodge has made enough progress to send either you or Bill Elliott into Winner's Circle in the NASCAR Series?
Nickie Peardon
Guild, TN

Yep, definitely enough progress. After driving the new Dodge cars, I'm really impressed. We were a little off at Daytona, but got that fixed now. Going to the wind tunnel helped us find out a lot of what we needed to know.


What are you wearing? Huh? No seriously...what does your new race uniform look like?
Nickie Peardon

Well, my uniform is mostly red. It's red with some gray on it, not exactly silver, more of a gray. And red shoes too! (Laughs)


How is your new engine program going to stack up against the rest of the Dodge engine programs next year? Does Ernie Elliott have a good game plan set up? Maybe some surprises? Thanks.

Can't give away any surprises or they wouldn't be surprises! We'll stack up just fine against anyone in 2001. Ernie always has a good game plan, always!


What other drivers are you closest friends with on the NASCAR circuit?
B.J. Satkowski
Wilkes-Barre, PA

I'd say Bobby Hamilton, Michael Waltrip, and Ken Schrader. We all grew up together through the ranks. I don't guess I'm enemies with anyone I can think of.


I keep hearing how dodge is looking for reliability in its engine department, but I am curious is to how the horsepower is going to rank with that of ford's. Thanks and good luck.
Mark O'Bryant
Gadsden, Alabama

Thanks. We'll be real close with the Ford's.


Hey Sterling! Just wanted to know, "How come you look bigger on TV?" Good luck @ Daytona in the new Dodge!!!
Jimmy Eggleston
Nokesville, VA.

(Laughs) Heck I don't know. I hear everyone looks bigger on TV, guess maybe that's the reason.


If the opportunity arose, would you consider buying Felix out of his 10% ownership in your team?
Randy Seegars
Monroe, NC

Good question. But, no, don't want the ownership headaches. I just want to drive the car for as long as I can and then go on to do other things I find interesting I guess.


Do you have confidence in the new dodge motor and basically the new dodge, to take you to victory lane in 2001?
John Kutil
Charleston WV

A big YES to the new Dodge motor and going to Victory Lane in 2001!


At the end of this year the team seemed to get some of the bugs out of the pits; was there anything You or Chip did to help this situation or anything you are going to do next season to help this?
Sandy Finch
Long Branch N.J

Well, we switched some guys around for pit stops about mid-year and everyone practiced more. We all know you have to have a pit stop in the 14-15 second range so that takes a lot of practice and dedication. I've went and driven the car a few times for them to practice on too.


Is Ernie Elliott going to build the engines for Ganassi Racing? I am not sure an official announcement was made.
Jim Wichert
Omaha, NE

It's official, Ernie's the man!


Now that your with Chip is Target going to be a sponsor, and if so will there be more merchandising? Will there be more diecast cars and merchandise available next year?
Sandy Finch
Long Branch N.J

I still can't say 100% that Target is coming aboard. I hear they will be an associate sponsor, but I know for sure that Coors Light is coming back and we're tickled about that. I just don't personally know about Target or about the diecast cars yet.


I am a member of your website, and all of us there are dying to know whats-up with all these Swine references you mentioned in several articles in 2000...I.E. "prettiest pig in the pigpen, But your still a hog!"
Jeff Fisher
Hornlake Ms.

(Laughs) Must be the country boy in me or something. Actually, I may say some of those things, but sometimes my PR guy and I read stuff that I didn't really say, so don't believe everything you read. But, I don't have a pet pig or any particular fondness of them as far as I know. (Laughs more)


Steadman entered 2 busch series races next year and made one last year; what are his plans for next year (CTS,BUSCH,late models)?
Sandy Finch
Long Branch NJ

As far as Busch, not really sure yet, but maybe 3 or 4. He'll run his full Late Model schedule in Nashville and at least 10 ARCA races in 2001 in places like Pocono, Michigan, and Charlotte. As far as the Truck Series, no.


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