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Race 2 Win's Q&A with Little E
Part Four

Jan 2000 - 2000 Winston Cup Rookie of the Year candidate and 1998-99 Busch Grand National Champion Dale Earnhardt Jr. took time out of his busy schedule to hold an exclusive question and answer session with the readers of Race 2 Win.


Hi Dale. I know you like to spend time on the computer, will you be having your own website and if so, what will it be its address? Good luck this year.
rick bode
naugtuck, ct

I'm sorry, but right now I just don't have that information.


What kind of car do you currently drive? What are your favorites?
Raleigh, NC

My fave is my pickup, which is what I currently drive.


Hi DJ, Since you grew up on Lake Norman, I was wondering if you water-ski?? I love it!! Skimming over the water is such a feeling!!
Mary Lou
Mandeville, LA

Nah, never was very good at skiing. I do my best staying in the boat!!


What brand, etc., of drums do you play? I have a set of Pearl Exports. Do you use a right or left-handed set up? Good luck in 2000-looking forward to seeing you at the Brickyard this year!
Mark Alexander
Trenton, Ohio

I have different brands, no preference on the brand name. I play right handed.


Hi Dale. Pleasure to watch you race. If a movie was written about the life of your father, would you be interested in portraying him in the film?
Harbor Peoples
Los Angeles

Uh....not a chance....he would kill me!!!!


Dale, you have a tremendous stable of natural talent, two years of solid experience in the Busch League, (congrats on the second championship), and the best teacher any racer could ever have, Dale Sr. With all this coming together for you, could you tell me if there has been or is anyone else other than your father, that has inspired you and been a mentor to you?
Charles Phillips
Round Lake, IL

Thank you. Just mostly my family. Mainly my grandfather's.


Hey Dale!! I am sure you have been told that you are a chip off the old block!!! That's a great compliment-but do you share the same love of the outdoors as your Dad does? ie., hunting and fishing?
Jim Price
Spokane, WA.

Oh, I get to do a little shootin' with my Remington from time to time...hehe.


Dale, thanks for taking the time to continue answering questions! I've heard you compare driving ability of yourself and your dad at comparable ages. I know you said you didn't have much dirt experience. Would you give a brief rundown of the dirt expereince you do have? And no mud pie stories!!! Also, my son is about to start racing soon, and I was wondering if you have a favorite brand of helmet? Thanks!!!
Seabrook, Texas

Sorry, but I have NO dirt expereince, never ran dirt. Simpson helmet is the way to go....we have used them for years and they do well.


Hi Dale and thanks for answering my last question. We have all heard about Chevy using a Ford rearend to race with, can you explain why this is or is the Ford rearend the only one approved by the sanctioning body Nascar? Jason Fish Augusta, Georgia

Hi. The only explanation is that it's in the Nascar rules to run the cars that way.


Hi Dale, I ordered a 2000 Impala from Dale Earnhardt Chevy on August 4, and finally flew up to get it (after a 17 week wait) on Dec. 3rd. The dealership said that you had gotten one a few weeks earlier. It seems we have IDENTICAL 2000 Impala LS's. If so, how do you like yours so far? All mine is missing is your autograph on the passenger sunvisor, to match your dad's on my drivers side visor. Wish you the best of luck in your quest for rookie of the year!
Shelline Watts
Andalusia, Al.

Thank you. I enjoy my Impala, but sorry, mine's a '96 though.


Back on January 24 and 25 you tested at Talladega (not too far from my neck of the woods....and I personally apologize for the weather..it was unbelievable cold and nasty for Alabama that week!!) Aside from the nasty weather how did it go? How different was it to drive a Winston Cup car there as opposed to the Busch car? Can't wait to see you back in Talladega in the race in April!!!! Kerri
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Thanks!! The cars aren't much different when you're on a superspeedway. I'm just not sure how good we are until we get to Daytona.


Jr., Congratualations on two great years! We were very fortunate to be at Texas for your first Busch win and hope to see you or your Dad win this year in Texas. How do you like the track and what do you think your chances are at Texas? Good luck in 2000.
John Shaw
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Thanks. I really enjoy the Texas track. It is hard to get out of there though afterwards, the traffic is pretty rough.


Out of all the tracks you will be at this year, where do you think you have the best shot at gaining your first win?
Girardville, PA.

Bristol !!!!!!


What was it like doing the Petty driving experiece with the lead singer of Smash Mouth?
Kyle Cruickshank
Tacoma, WA

He was such a riot!.....I could not keep from laughing the whole time.


Dale, first let me say I have been a fan of your dad for a long time, 16 years, and I am now a big fan of yours also. Most of your fan base has come from fans like myself who are diehard Dale Sr. fans. My question is: have you noticed any of your fans coming from different groups other than your dad's longtime fans, are they younger fans and/or new fans to stock car racing? Good luck this year and I hope to see you, Tony Eury and the crew in Victory Lane soon.
Kevin Hooper
Farmington, New Mexico

Thanks. Yeah, my fans somewhat come from different groups. There's alot of fans that just cheer for youth, young guys, and I fit in there somewhere.


Hi Dale. Long time fan of your dad's, excited about your up and coming career. What is your opinion on Nascar wanting the rights to each driver?
Eric Wilcox
Des Moines, Iowa

I really don't have an opinion on that......when it gets that serious.......I take my father's advice.


How did you spend New Year's Eve?.....Do you have a tattoo? (If so, please give me details!) Thanks!
Deltaville, VA

I spent New Year's Eve at my house with several friends over. I don't have any tattoo's....not yet!


Dale, what kinds of pets, if any, do you have? I am getting a chocolate lab shortly, (male) and I'm gonna let you name him. Give him a name, and tell me why you chose it. Do you think we'll ever get to see the three of you, meaning you, your dad, and Kerry race against each other?
Shelline Watts
Andalusia, Al.

Sorry....no pets at this time. A good name for your dog would be Earnhardt !?! And anything is possible with Kerry and me.


I believe I can always trust dog people, I heard you had a dog. What's it's name and do you take it with you to the track?
Michelle Burlew
Piscataway, NJ

No dog. But, anyone out there got an Irish Setter???? I am lookin!


What TV shows do you like to watch when you're at home?
Gainesville, FL

Old Seinfeld, Tom Green, MTV........


Dale, how important is diet, exercise and getting enough sleep to you for staying in "race shape" in the off season and during the season? Also, are you excited about and looking forward to the night race in Bristol? I'll be there!) Thanks!
Jerry Loeper
Reading, PA

I really don't pay much attention to how I eat....I am not ready to....but need to....and yes.....Bristol KICKS!!!!!!


Hi Dale! What do you think of the shock change when testing at the super speedways? Thanks.
Roger De Soto
Dawson, MN.

Let me get back to you on that one....depends on how I finish.


Hi Dale! With the recent injuries and fatalities in other series, what do you think about the safety of stock cars versus Indy cars? Do you worry about possible injury yourself?
Michelle Burlew
Piscataway, NJ

Hi. I feel very safe where I am seated. But, injuries do happen, I was injured last year with a broken shoulder. But, no, it's not a concern of mine.


Of the races that u have been in, which one do u remember the most?
Holt, FL

Watkins Glen in 1999. I still can't believe I won that race! I never thought I had it in me.


Hi! First I'd like to say congrats on your 2 championships and the best of luck in the coming season! This really isn't a racing question, but I bought the 'Bridge' CD on your souvenir trailer at Michigan in August and my car was broken into; now someone else has it. Can you PLEASE tell me how to get another copy? Thanks..Dawn
Dawn Brown
Marion, Ohio

Thanks! We sell the CD's at the tracks. A new CD will be out in March. Bridge has a website called: Bridge411.com


Dale, Because of your family's racing history, do you feel pressure to start a family, so there will be a fourth generation Earnhardt to carry on the family tradition? Do you have any interest to get married at this point in your life? Thanks!!
Amy Sellner
Eagan, Minnesota

Naaa.......no pressure, but it's gonna happen. Married, then kids, in that order.


Hi Dale. I was wondering if you have any interest in any other form or racing besides NASCAR? Being from northeast sprint car racing is very big and I also follow NHRA drag racing. I saw you got to meet John Force on a QVC show and was wondering if you are a fan of his?
Lori Stuber
Dauphin, PA

NASCAR is where it's at for me......unless they start banging fenders.....then I'm there!!! John Force....heck yeah!......cool dude!


You must feel overwhelmed sometimes over all the demands made from fans and the press. How do you keep those demands from driving you nuts? And you can really see how proud your father is in his eyes after you win. Is there anything about him that makes you more determined or is it just "business as usual"?
Jim B
Youngstown, Ohio

Hey, I was already nuts before I started racing!!!!!! Trying to impress Pops, that's a tough job.


Have you decided to stick with the blond locks?
Mooresville, NC

Nope.......I am up for anything when it comes to that.


Dale, good luck in the Daytona 500, my friend and I will be there all week to support the Awesome #8! My question is what's it feel like to be rubbing doors with the guys you've practically grown up with via your dad's career? Again, good luck and we will be there with your colors on.
Shawnn Rivers
Clearwater, FL

Thank you! Well....I feel proud that I have made it this far and I wonder what lies ahead. I'll try hard to gain their respect, but I know it will be very hard to do.


How do you keep a real outlook, you don't seem to be the type to get a big head and get caught up in the glory days. I'm sure it's nice, but how do you separate the money and the love of the sport? So many racers can't do that anymore..
Kelley-Jo 15
Chardon, Oh

You spend the money !!!! haha, just jokin'. I just enjoy myself, that's the number one thing for me. When it isn't fun anymore, then it's time to do something else.


My question is, what would you consider the perfect date? PS Good luck to My King of Gears!!
Beth L.
Warren, Ohio

Whoa!!........that's an interesting question. A woman that turns the stereo up instead of down!


Hi Dale. Given the upcoming 2000 NASCAR season, if you were granted 3 wishes in regard to how the 2000 season will unfold what would these wishes be?
Charlottesville, VA

10 wins......8 poles.......and the ring !!!!!!


Do you think with all the rookies from different racing backgrounds starting at Daytona, that the possibility of a major wreck is greater?
B. Smith

It is possible. But, that's gonna happen no matter what. I just hope it isn't gonna be MY fault.


On the Bridge CD "Three Word Rhyme Scheme" (I LOVED the CD and I especially loved the lyrics to "Eyes to See" by the way) you said in the interview that Bridge played at the banquet for the first Busch Championship. Who played at the banquet this year? Tell Terrill and the guys that we can't wait for the full CD!!
Tuscaloosa, AL

We had an a party after the banquet, but I wasn't able to give much input on it, so it stunk!!!! But, it won't happen again, not if my names on it!


If you had the opportunity to talk to Grandpa Ralph, what would you ask or tell him about yourself and your racing career?
Jacquelyn Shrader
Hanover, Penn.

I would ask him to take me fishing, that way, we'd have all day to talk.


After your heartfelt speech at the Busch banquet, saluting the women in your life. Who has had the greatest influence on you as a person not a race car driver? And do you intend on using your "stardom" as a way to bring attention to some charity/issue you feel passionate about? (i.e., NFL and the United Way, etc.)
Fairfax, VA

My sister has been helpful to me throughout my career. I try to do my part in whatever event....(charity or not). I find myself more compelled as time goes on to do more of that sort of thing.


Paul Tmchik
Taberg, NY

No, just approaching it one week at a time.


I have noticed in some articles, that you have said that some days it doesn't bother yo to be single and some days it does. It's funny how so many people can have the same feelings but sometimes you feel like you are the only one. It must be hard for you to be away from your family so much. It would be extremely difficult for me. I can't imagine the strain of that, plus the strain of the media hounding you and being in your face all the time. I don't think people really realize that you are not really a free person, so to speak. So, with all that said, if you could have one day, to do as you please, come and go as you please, the perfect day, what would you do? Thank you!

The perfect day???? I'd do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!! Except maybe listen to my stereo and drink a few!!


Well, that wraps up Race 2 Win's Q&A with Little E, I would like to express my deepest thanks to Dale Earnhardt Jr. for taking the time to answer all of the questions submitted by the fans.


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