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Race 2 Win's Q&A with Little E
Part Three

Jan 2000 - 2000 Winston Cup Rookie of the Year candidate and 1998-99 Busch Grand National Champion Dale Earnhardt Jr. took time out of his busy schedule to hold an exclusive question and answer session with the readers of Race 2 Win.


I have wondered what the driver's would consider to be the most happening city to visit when traveling from race to race? After visiting Las Vegas recently for the first time-I would have to say that is probably the favorite among all-what would you consider to be your favorite city to visit?
Lyles, TN.

Vegas is pretty cool....I never get to spend much time hangin out there though....I guess Vegas is a favorite of mine too.


Ok Dale - getting personal - you stated in a previous response to a question about dating, that you are single and looking - anything in particular that you are looking for? Just curious for all the ladies who are dying to know. Good luck this year.

Thanks. Well, long hair....small waist....nicely proportioned....I need a woman with a college degree....since I don't have one.


Hey Dale. I was recently at a website for a computer racing controller company (can't name it right now) and saw a testimonial by you speaking it's praises. How well does this setup work for NASCAR3? My current wheel has a problem with wandering. Also, what it your user name for NROS? I'd love to race you!!!!
Steve Stambersky
Elsie, MI

I don't get to run much online...I use a TSW2 from Thomas wheels...it's great. You should look into getting one for yourself.


What is the setup you use to race at Lowe's Motor Speedway at night for the Nascar3/Papyrus computer game? We would appreciate any helpful hints you can give for this computer game. We need all the help we can get!! Thanks!
Scott Blatt
Kutztown, PA

Hehe...Hank Parker Jr. and I are currently working on one.....I'll let you know what we come up with.


Hey Jr. I heard you recently got beat at the NASCAR Simulator...someone put a Dale Sr. move on ya going into a corner...what was that like? Best of luck this season! See you at NHIS in July!

Thanks. It's fun!!!! You're gonna get wrecked from time to time. I can handle it better these days than before.


With the increasingly grueling Winston Cup schedule including testing and sponsor appearances, etc., do you foresee yourself and other "high demand" driver's like Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, etc., staying in Winston Cup as long as driver's like your father and DW have? In other words, do you think you'll get burned out?
Crystal Whittaker (soon to be Schedlin)
Coventry, RI

It is possible to burn out. NASCAR needs to maintain some of the enjoyment that has been there for all the driver's before me.


Little E, Congrats on another great season. I just wanted to wish you luck in the upcoming Winston Cup career. I want to know, are you close to your half-sister, Taylor?
Kelly Williams
Hendersonville, NC

Thank you. We are all very close. Taylor is her own person, even at such a young age. I learn a lot from watching her grow up.


Dale, do you still have that old S10 pickup or did you get rid of that when you got the Impala? Also, I've read you have a '69 Camaro. Is it a big block, Z28, COPO, or anything special? (I take it the Camaro you drove in the Outlaw commercial isn't yours?)
Downitown, PA

I sold the pickup to Hornaday III. I still have the '69 Camaro, she is a small block, aluminum heads. The Outlaw Camaro was used for TV only.


Hey Dale, I watched an interview with you and your dad about a year ago and he was giving you some flack about modifying your Impala SS. Do you still have the car? What type of mods does the car have?

I still have the Impala....got three 12's in the back, two 500 watt amp's and it's rimmed with Enkis.


Do you have a particular band or singer you listen to at certain times (like if you're depressed or happy)? I usually listen to Mariah Carey or Def Leppard. When you have time, what movies do you enjoy watching? I just want to wish you and the Budweiser team the best this year. I hope you win Rookie of the Year. It will be something if your dad can win his eighth title this year and you could win Rookie of the Year. It would be a good season for many race fans. All in all, I just wish a lot of luck to you, DEI, and your father this year.

Thank you very much. My favorite band is Third Eye Blind, that's what I mostly listen to. As far as movies....anything really goes, I like lots of different kinds.


Hi Dale. We are really big fans of yours and your dad. What are the chances of a one, two finish for the Earnhardt's at Daytona this year? Good luck in WC and we will be rooting for you and Big E all the way!!!!!
Phil and Shirley

Hey thanks....Well, I think both teams are going to show up in Daytona with 100% confidence in ourselves and our teams.


What is the weirdest question you have been asked? Also, I am a huge Freddie Query fan. When you were racing late model stocks, did you have a chance to compete against him?
Hagerstown, MD

Weird....haven't really had any weird questions. I never raced Freddie and I'm glad I didn't have to. I don't like settling for second place!!!


Hey Dale. I was wondering if you will be stopping by the Budweiser plant in Fairfield, CA when you come to Sears Point? Good luck this year.
Vacaville, CA

Thanks. I don't really have plans to come there, but invitations could change that down the road.


Great 1999 season! I, like many other Earnhardt fans, would like to know if your Dad has ever considered becoming yours and Steve Park's teammate at DEI? It would make a great trio!
Charlottesville, VA

Thank you. I bet Dad has considered it. I would love it for sure!!!!


Hi Dale. Will you have the same pit crew as you had last year? How do you and Steve Park get along as teammates?
Dennis Glover

Hi. Yes, on the crew question. Steve and I get along fine.


Hi, I'm a big fan of yours and I know a lot of other people are also. About how much fan mail do you receive a day? Do you get a chance to reply? Good luck in 2000.
Joanna Darmer
Athens, AL

Not sure how much fan mail I get a day. I try my best with it, but it still piles up sometimes. It's kind of motivating to see so much mail coming in.


Dale, congrats on another championship season. It is nice to have such a great driver that is close to my age that I can relate to. How was growing up as a teen, did you get a lot of slack with your dad being famous?
Jonathan Anschultz
Parker City, PA

Thanks. I had some rough spots as a teenager, just like everyone else has. But, mostly I'd say it was pretty normal most of the time.


Do you feel that you can match or surpass your dad's 7 championships? I have watched your dad for years and have watched you mature into the same kind of champion racer. I feel you will give your dad a good run!! I can't wait to see you begin your official NASCAR career and also can't wait to see you at the new track in Joliet, IL in 2001!!!
Rob Powell
Joliet, IL

Thank you. I will be pretty hard to match or pass the seven championship's, but I also think it is possible.


Hi Jr., I can't wait to watch you and your dad race each other every week!! Something I have noticed is you wear an open face helmet like your dad, do you think being more in the open helps as far as hearing what is going on around you? I heard your dad said something like that once. Well, good luck in Winston Cup and have fun doing it!
Tom Sallgren
Muskegon, Mi

Thanks!! I wear the open face helmet because that's what Dad wanted me to wear and he says he has several different reasons for that.


Who are some of the best online racers that you have raced against?
Kerry Grant
Bristol, TN

Considering I've raced hundreds of people, it's really hard to say. The list would be very long.


Been a fan of your father for the last 22 yrs. I chatted with you a few years ago on mIRC in #nascar. Do you still have time to go online and chat? davo
Stryker, Ohio

Yeah, I still go online and chat, but not much time anymore. But, when time allows, I do.


Hi Dale, and congrats on the 2 Busch Series championships!! My question is: Do you think that your father will win his eighth championship?
Paul Y



Do you think you will beat your Dad & Steve in the points race and wish you GOOD LUCK
Max Hawes
Starkville, Ms.

Thanks. I guess I can beat them both in points.


What do you think of European auto racing? I'm enjoying a year away from UNCC to play and work overseas and personally can't believe that NASCAR hasn't made Europeans realize what a waste their auto racing is. Just curious if you have any thoughts on the subject?

I like the German Touring Car series.....those guys are hilarious to watch.


Congrats on last seasons wins! Hope you have the same luck this year and every year after! Do you have any pre-race rituals? Any superstitions?
Val Powell
Joliet, IL

Thank you. No rituals....no superstitions.


Will you be making a Budweiser commercial for safe driving such as a designated driver or know when to say when? That would be neat if you give a safe message for all the people who do consume, to do it responsibly.
Bo Huenke
Gomer, Ohio

Yes, I will do those kinds of endorsements.


Hi Jr. I have been a fan of yours from the beginning. Watching you race the Mom & Pops car at Myrtle Beach and the Wrangler car at I believe Mich. I could see you had enormous potential and you have not disappointed. Congratulations on all your success. Given Matt Kenseths early success at the Winston Cup level filling in for Bill Elliott and Bobby Labonte and having great finishes do you feel he has a better handle on the cars than you and if so, do you feel you can adjust quickly to the Cup cars?
Keith Lindmeyer
Cloquet, MN.

Thank you. I feel like season 2000 will be a year full of adjustments. Some good ones, some bad. It may take some time, but then again, it may happen quickly. We just won't know until it's over.



I feel like it's a HUGE motivator. My biggest motivator.



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