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When “Thank You” isn’t Enough

By: Jeff Holtzclaw

December 3, 2007 - Wow. Where can I start? It certainly has been a long and rough three years since that fateful October day in 2004 that would change my life forever. All of the support that I have received from those of you who visit this web site has been nothing short of spectacular. Simply typing the words, “Thank you” just doesn’t seem to be enough.

In the racing business you get to know some extraordinary people, like Robert and Gina Pressley, who were concerned enough to help buy my son’s Christmas one year, to others that you have never actually met face-to-face but know only by a name typed on a computer screen, who offer support, prayers and words of encouragement. It helps you realize that this sport is truly special - from the drivers right down to the fans who fill the seats and watch on TV.

For those of you who made financial donations to my family and those who have sent encouraging emails or offered up prayers on my behalf, I say, “Thank you.” You will never know how much your support means to me. I wish that I could show you exactly how much you are appreciated but the computer screen simply will not allow it. It would be ideal if I could meet all of you and give you a big hug or a handshake and express my appreciation in person.

Unfortunately, my life will never be the same again but, thanks to some serious medications, I am finally to a point to where I can somewhat function on a daily basis. It takes a bit longer for me to type – or think for that matter – so my days of writing and doing Fire and Ice are behind me.

I still have pain every minute of every day and some days are better than others but I have really good doctors at the Duke University Hospital and I still have faith that I could get even better some day. I will be participating in a new study at Duke very soon, hopefully positive things will result from this.

I also have a fear of being in public, I have panic attacks and loud noises nearly kill me. This combination does not bode well for covering races live at the track anymore. So I am stuck here at home, where I have been for the most of the past three years.

I look nothing like the picture that you see in the upper-right corner. I have packed on about 80 pounds and my hair – or what I have left of it - is very long. When just touching your hair causes pain, a haircut is definitely not in the cards.

Your thoughts and prayers would continue to be greatly appreciated.

I have been back here at Race 2 Win, helping out for a little while, just to make sure that I could handle everything and I felt like I needed to take this time to let all of you know how much you mean to me.

“Thank you” just isn’t enough.



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