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True Value IROC Wraps Up Daytona Testing

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (Nov. 21, 2002)- The True Value IROC team wrapped up a three-day preseason test Thursday afternoon at Daytona International Speedway in preparation for the all-star series' opening event on Feb. 14, 2003.

Test Drivers, Dave Marcis and Jim Sauter worked over the World of Outlaws invitees, Steve Kinser and Danny Lasoski for a final day.

Marcis said, "We spent the first two days working Lasoski and Kinser side by side and in the draft. Today we worked primarily from the middle groove up -- single file up against the wall, then two and three abreast -- I think that helped them a lot. We ran over 200-miles today, that's two full IROC races, and we ran the entire time from the middle of the race track up to the wall. That gets them acclimated to being up in the higher grooves where they don't have to crack the throttle, and it gets them used to running up there three or four wide, which will happen here during the race."

Kinser said, "I can't thank Dave and Jim enough, I mean, I'm coming out of here today with so much experience that will help us in the race. Today was a great day; a lot of what we've been working on understanding just came together this morning. I can't wait to come back in February."

Lasoski said, " I learned more in these last few days here than I did in the whole series last year. Last year I was really timid because it was such of a big learning curve for us. Coming down here now just eliminates any guesswork I'll have to do in February because Dave and Jim were good enough to show us every line to run. I'm really excited for me and Kinser."

Sauter summed up the test saying, "This is what we're here for -- to give drivers like Steve (Kinser) and Danny (Lasoski) an opportunity to learn more about this style of racing. We only spent about two hours total over the last three days working on the chassis and the rest of the time we devoted to running with Lasoski and Kinser. Like Dave said, today we really worked them hard up around the wall, three-wide and stayed that way most of the time, so I think they'll be leaving here with lots of valuable experience and things to think about. We love to see their kind of enthusiasm, spending all this time here and learning. That only adds to their performance in our race -- and that kind of dedication is what becoming a champion is all about."

Tickets for the True Value IROC Series and other Speedweeks 2003 events online at http://www.daytonainternationalspeedway.com or by calling the Speedway ticket office at (386) 253-7223.


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