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IROC Series Kicks of Speedweeks Activities

Daytona Beach, FL (Feb. 5, 2003) The True Value IROC Series kicked off 2003 Speedweeks track activity at Daytona International Speedway in preparation for the season opener on Friday, Feb. 14.

True Value IROC test drivers, Dave Marcis, Jim Sauter, Dick Trickle and Andy Hillenburg took the four dedicated practice cars out on the track for a quick shake down session before handing over the reigns to eager 2003 competitors, Mike Bliss, Greg Biffle, Steve Kinser and Danny Lasoski.

2002 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series champion, Mike Bliss and 2002 NASCAR Busch Series champion, Greg Biffle are making their first appearance in IROC, while the pair of Pennzoil World of Outlaw champs, Lasoski and Kinser are returning competitors. The four 2003 competitors managed to log over 500-laps collectively, swapping cars and exchanging information throughout the practice sessions.

In-between the competitor's practice sessions, Marcis, Sauter, Trickle and Hillenburg were busy with the equalizing process on all of the race cars as they hopped in and out of each car, doing timed laps and checking for any performance abnormalities.

The True Value IROC series will resume practice at the Speedway on Wednesday.

Quick Quotes:

Greg Biffle - First time in the IROC cars:
"It felt really good, I mean the cars are matched up really well. These (IROC) cars are a lot of fun. They drive better than any car I've ever been in on a Superspeedway, Busch car, or Winston Cup car. They drive really nice and I'm pretty surprised by that actually. They don't get the big aero-push when you're behind other cars, or side-by-side, so it was a lot of fun even though it was only four of us drafting."

About Lasoski and Kinser:
"They're doing really good, they know what they're doing. They're staying in line and they're learning a lot from us (Bliss and Biffle) with our experience on the Superspeedways. We talked about the different lines and how to suck up on somebody so, they're learning a lot, as we all are, being in the IROC cars for the first time.

Danny Lasoski - About running with Bliss, Biffle, and Kinser:
"Everything's going great. Last year was a great learning curve for me. Kinser and I were here in November for the test and my confidence level is way above where it was last year. Just getting all this track time does wonders for me. The last 20-laps out there, Kinser and I ran together to see how the World of Outlaw guys could do against the Winston Cup guys and we did really fine. Mike Bliss and Greg Biffle did a great job with us today. We were trying to feel each other out in the draft and the IROC cars feel great. I'm really looking forward to the race on Friday, (Feb. 14) and I'm having a fantastic time here at Daytona."

Steve Kinser - About today's practice:
"Well, it was great running out their today with Danny, and it's actually a learning experience for Mike Bliss and Greg Biffle - they've never been in the IROC cars before so any time you can get out there, you're going to learn and any little thing you can learn when you're dealing with cars this equal is going to help. It was fun getting out there with the guys I'm going to race with, every little bit helps."

Mike Bliss - First time in IROC cars:
"It all went real good, the IROC cars are a lot of fun to drive. They draft up really well, so it's not like you're hung out to dry if you fall to the back. Today, we just playing around with what they do with the aero stuff, I learned some stuff here today for the Busch deal as well -- actually, anytime on the racetrack you're going to learn something.

About running with Kinser and Lasoski:
"They're doing really well out there. Every time we come in, they'll run over and drill Biffle about things asking 'well, what did you there? And, what did you do there?' If anybody wants to go out there and do great, it's those two. They're here now, they were here for the IROC test in November, I mean, they're pumped up about it and so am I, I can't wait, this is something I've always wanted to do."


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