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This Week in Ford NNS Racing: Bobby Hamilton Jr.

Bobby Hamilton Jr.
Bobby Hamilton Jr.
June 24, 2008 - Bobby Hamilton Jr., driver of the No. 25 Smithfield Food Ford Fusion has one win and four top-10 finishes in six starts at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. The NASCAR Nationwide Series regular racer talks about the passing and track position at the flat one-mile track.

BOBBY HAMILTON JR. Ė No. 25 Smithfield Foods Ford Fusion Ė YOU HAVE AN IMPRESSIVE RECORD AT LOUDON WITH FOUR TOP-10 FINISHES AND ONE WIN IN SIX STARTS. IS THIS ONE OF YOUR PREFERRED TRACKS? ďYeah, I got a win there and Iíll run my East car up there, too. Itís a good flat track; it kind of reminds you of Milwaukee and other places that we run good at. But New Hampshire is one of those places that you can really drive the corner hard. If youíve got good steam, good power, you can be really, really fast there if you can get through the corner. I think weíll be okay. Just going off the way we have been, weíre looking at about 12th to 15th. I donít know if we can be a top-10 car or not.

MILWAUKEE IS A FLAT TRACK AND SO IS NEW HAMPSHIRE. IF YOU DO WELL IN MILWAUKEE, DOES THAT MEAN YOUíLL DO WELL AT NEW HAMPSHIRE? ďYeah, the only thing is that New Hampshire is fast as far as the center of the corner, so youíll do different things as far as chassis, different shocks and things like that. If you run good in Milwaukee, you have a decent race car and thatís about it because you can easier dial yourself out or dial yourself in there. Because the corner speeds are so much faster compared to Milwaukee. Itís just one of those places if you find your way around it and you like it, you should be okay.Ē

DO YOU LIKE RACING AT LOUDON? ďI like it a lot. Itís a little bit hard to pass but at the same time if your carís good enough it will turn and youíve got the power of the corner and you hook the power up, it can be a real fun place. Itís kind of like Milwaukee, but a little bit bigger. The corner is a little bit longer in the middle part of it and itís got tremendous grip. So you can be really, really fast there. Itís similar to Milwaukee.Ē

IF IT IS HARD TO PASS, TRACK POSITION IS MORE VALUABLE. ďYeah, I think the last one, it was one of those places that you didnít need to change tires because tires will pick you up enough to be able to pass up through the field. Everybody runs the bottom to middle groove. Nobody runs the outside unless youíre just superb. Itís a normal race track. If you can get out front in clean air and have a decent car, you can get going from the field.Ē

THE SEASON IS IN FULL SWING WITH A LONG STRETCH OF RACES. HOW DO YOU LIKE THE LONG RUN OF RACES? ďItís just same old, same old. Youíve just got to use each week to get better. For instance, we only race at Milwaukee once a year, so weíre relying on a lot of last yearís notes. If they change anything tire-wise, youíve just got to do a lot of guessing, but everybodyís in that same boat. As far as having the stretch, everybody is having to deal with the same thing, whether itís a Cup guy or not. Theyíre all having to deal with the same schedule, so many weeks on and off. Itís just typical or normal. It doesnít give you an advantage or anything extra. Itís just many weeks in a row is how you look at it. This is the fast part of the season because before you know it youíve knocked out a chunk of the season. Then all of sudden itís ĎWhere did this season go? I donít remember that race,í because itís all in that fly by part. Itís just one race at a time, thatís all you can do.Ē

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