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Fire and Ice
Regretfully, Fire and Ice is no longer available due to the continued disabling health problems of its writer, Jeff Holtzclaw. Below you will find all of the updates that were posted to the main page over the past several years.

When “Thank You” isn’t Enough
By: Jeff Holtzclaw
Wow. Where can I start? It certainly has been a long and rough three years since that fateful October day in 2004 that would change my life forever. All of the support that I have received from those of you who visit this web site has been nothing short of spectacular. Simply typing the words, “Thank you” just doesn’t seem to be enough.
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Ran at Daytona by Robert Pressley. Click for larger image

More Serious Health Problems Plague Holtzclaw
October 24, 2006 - We would like to apologize for the issues that led to the site being down for an extended amount of time - especially during the Chase for the Championship. But, as you will see, small problems with the site are seriously outweighed by the continued poor health of our owner Jeff Holtzclaw. It is amazing how so much can happen to one person. I guess the old saying, “Bad things happen to good people” couldn’t hold more weight.
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Holtzclaw Update
July 20, 2006 - We decided to go up to Duke to be with Jeff as he had his surgery on Tuesday morning. The surgery was a rough one but everything went according to plan. Right now Jeff is in an enormous amount of pain from the surgery, he is not allowed to move much at all, per doctor’s orders. He cannot move his neck to look up or down or twist or turn in any way, shape or form. He cannot lift anything more than five pounds, or bend over (not even to flush the toilet!) and cannot raise his hands above his head. He was told to just stay in the bed as much as possible until he is given further notice. Basically he will be a vegetable for the next six to eight weeks but should be a brand new man after that. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers over the next two months.

Holtzclaw Set for Surgery July 19th
July 15, 2006 - Many of you have asked for updates on our disabled owner Jeff Holtzclaw over the past year and seven months, but nothing has ever drastically changed with his condition. He has suffered for way too long and hopefully he will soon find relief. Jeff is scheduled for a state-of-the-art surgery on Wednesday, July 19th at Duke University Hospital in Durham, NC. The doctors are hoping the surgery will decrease Jeff’s pain by at least 50 percent, which will change his life drastically. Please remember Jeff and his family on Wednesday and hope that he will be a changed man following this surgery. Don’t forget our benefit that we started over a year ago for the family where you can by Race 2 Win gear or send a donation. Thanks.
Jeff Holtzclaw Benefit

Jeff Holtzclaw Benefit
We here at Race 2 Win have dealt with a huge aperture for the last nine months as Jeff Holtzclaw, the owner/webmaster of this site, has been out of commission due to an extreme health issue. So many of you sent in emails and have asked, “What can I do to help?” Well, here is a very small way for you to pitch in.
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Jeff Holtzclaw Update IX
May 6, 2005 - Jeff’s surgery went well, although the two places where they went in to do the procedure are extremely sore and the doctors said that they would be very sore for the next three days. The doctors also said that Jeff will not know as to whether the surgery was a success or not until around 14 days, but all the doctors and nurses seemed very confident that things are going to turn out great, we just have to wait for a couple of more weeks. So continue to keep Jeff and his family in your prayers as the medical bills mount, the time missed from work mounts as well.

Jeff Holtzclaw to Have Surgery Friday
May 4, 2005 – We have just received word that our own Jeff Holtzclaw will be having another surgery this Friday, May the 6th at Duke University Medical Hospital. This surgery, I am told, should be the one that will put and end to all of his pain and suffering. Please keep Jeff and his family in your prayers and hope that this surgery does as it should and return Jeff as he should be, pain free.

Jeff Holtzclaw Update IIX
March 23, 2005 – We would like to ask for all of you that stop by this site, to please keep Jeff Holtzclaw in your thoughts and prayers as he travels to Duke University Hospital today to undergo exploratory surgery on March 24th. Thanks.

Jeff Holtzclaw Update VII
March 8, 2005 – As of February 16th, Jeff Holtzclaw has been a patient at Duke University Medical Hospital, please continue to remember him and the doctors as they try to find a cure for his incredible pain.

Jeff Holtzclaw Update VI
January 12, 2005 – There has been little to no change in Jeff Holtzclaw's condition and, unfortunately, he will be out indefinitely. We will not post another update until we can report progress in his condition. Continue to keep Jeff in your thoughts and prayers.

Jeff Holtzclaw Update V
December 15, 2004 – After seeing his specialist on Friday, December 10th, Jeff Holtzclaw will be out for, at least, another four weeks. His next appointment is scheduled for January 6th, 2005, we should have more information at that time.

Jeff Holtzclaw Update IV
November 29, 2004 – Jeff Holtzclaw saw a specialist for his ongoing problems last week and the specialist now has Jeff out until December 13th. As always, please continue to keep Jeff in your thoughts and prayers, this ordeal has been really tough on him and his family.

Update II: November 5, 2004 – We have just received word that Jeff Holtzclaw will be out of commission until November 22, 2004, when his doctor has cleared him to return to work. As you know, he should be back the day after the season’s final race so, unfortunately, there will be no Fire and Ice columns until then. We will continue to list the Hot, Warm, Cool, and Cold drivers and their average finishes in the last six races, as we did this week, until Jeff is back with us. Keep Jeff in your thoughts and prayers.

Update: November 3, 2004 – We have more information on Jeff Holtzclaw’s status and, since so many of you had emailed with your concerns, we wanted to give you an update. During Jeff’s CESI, his spine was punctured, causing a leak. Jeff is in immense pain but the pain is excruciating when he sits or stands up, so he is bed-ridden at this point in time. Tomorrow (Thursday) morning he is scheduled for a “blood patch” procedure that will, hopefully, repair the hole in his spine. Remember to keep Jeff in your thoughts and prayers and continue to send your well-wishes here, we will make sure that he gets them all when he is able to get up and sit at a computer again.

November 1, 2004 - We regret to inform you that, for the second straight week, there will be no Fire and Ice column. Due to complications from a CESI (Cervical Epidural Steroid Injection) procedure, Jeff Holtzclaw is presently incapacitated. As we understand it, he is being treated with aggressive medications at this time but another procedure might be necessary on Thursday. Please keep Jeff in your thoughts and send him get-well wishes here.


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