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Elliott Dominates Season Finale at Homestead, Finishes 8th after Flat Tire
"We had a great racecar. Our Dodge ran so well today," said Bill Elliott, who led six times for 189 laps and cut a tire with less than a lap to go to finish eighth. "You win 'em sometimes like that, although I don't know if I've ever won one like that, but I've sure lost 'em. I'm proud of the guys. We've done an awesome job this year. We finished in the top 10 in the points. We've accomplished a lot of goals but obviously it wasn't our day. I ain't got no decisions to make. I'm ready. I'm ready to go.

"We had an awful good racecar. I guess it didn't matter if the caution came out or not. Bobby did what he had to do and won the race. I'm just proud of the guys. They've done such an awesome job this season. Since August we've run so good and they put an awful good racecar under me. There wasn't any warning. The next thing I knew it was sideways off turn two.

"It was just one of them days. We had a right rear go down and it was just an unfortunate thing. Our Dodge ran so well today, and the team did such a good job. I'm proud of every one of them."

Elliott finishes ninth in final NASCAR Winston Cup Standings.

Elliott Rolls Off 20th at Homestead
"That's not exactly what we were looking for," said Elliott. "But we'll take it and get ready for the race."

Dodge This Teleconference: Bill Elliott
Bill Elliott, driver of the No. 9 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge Intrepid, scored career victory number 44 this past weekend at Rockingham. Elliott, along with crew chief Mike Ford and team owner Ray Evernham, were this week's guests on the weekly Dodge This! Media Teleconference.
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Elliott's Pit Crew Strikes Again, Claims Eighth Win of Season
While Bill Elliott drove to an impressive victory in Sunday's 400-mile race in Rockingham, N.C., his pit crew was just as awesome, claiming top honors in the McDonald's Drive-Thru Pit Championship fueled by POWERade. It was the eighth win of the season for Elliott's pit crew, which increased its season earnings to $160,000.
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Elliott Phoenix Notes
Bill Elliott is scheduled to drive chassis No. 30, which he drove to all three of his Evernham Motorsports victories: Homestead 2001, Indianapolis 2002, and Pocono(b) 2002. Elliott has run this chassis this year at Pocono(a), Michigan(b), Indianapolis, Kansas and Atlanta(b). His highest finish with the chassis this season is Kansas where he finished second.
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Elliott Wins at The Rock!!!!!!!
Bill Elliott won the Pop Secret Microwave Popcorn 400 at North Carolina Speedway on Sunday afternoon, scoring career victory No. 44 in his 730th start. Elliott moved to ninth in series standings.

"It's great for these guys. Between Mike Ford (crew chief) and Ray (team owner Evernham) and all the guys back at the motor shop, I can't say enough about those guys," said Elliott. "It seems like whatever has aligned here in the last couple of months has really come together. We've got good motors, good chassis, good bodies. Ray has believed in us well enough when we started this program almost three years ago. I don't know what else to say. I'm pretty much speechless. We had a great car here today and ended up having a motor problem on Friday. We qualified well and ended up starting supposedly fifth. We had to go to the back, and that thing came on when the race started. I said, 'man, we've got a good racecar here today if it all plays out.' It finally played out in our hand. I knew Jimmie Johnson would be tough to beat on a short run. I felt like I had a better car after 40 or 50 laps on the second side of the run. He was good on the first side. We finally got it adjusted and got good there at the end. We did what we had to do. The pit crew did an excellent job getting me in and out there at the end and put it all together.

"I don't think it plays a part because the cars are so different than they were a few years ago. You've got to run as hard as you can all day long. As many good racecars as there are, today because the track is so abrasive on tires, you've just got to have your car that much better. Mike and all the guys do an excellent job getting everything tweaked like I like it. That's what wins a race. You've got to drive as hard all day long as you can. I knew I had a good racecar. I knew I shouldn't take unnecessary chances trying to get positions, especially there before the mid part of the race when a lot of cars were on the tail end of the lead lap. We kind of started way back. I knew that was going to be a touchy situation. It seems like everything happens here early on the run. Guys on fresh tires are good for three or four laps, but on long runs, my car was so good. To me, it just comes back to setup. I think experience doesn't count. The last two or three times we've been here in the spring, we haven't been good at all.

"Just to see the guys work hard on Friday. We tore the engine up with 10 minutes to go in practice before qualifying. They got the motor changed, the oil tank changed, all the oil lines and got it back out by the time qualifying time rolled around. When we qualified, that was our fourth lap on the racetrack. It was an awesome lap. The guys do such a good job.

"When I went to Sonoma this guy went with me from back home. He went with me out there and we ended up finishing fourth at Sonoma. Then he went with me when I went to the test at Kansas City, and I finished second. I came here and tested, and he came with me. Before he left he went over and told Mike that we were going to win the race. The guy runs dirt back home. His name is Ray Cook. Mike looked at him like 'man, you're crazy.' I've got to go buy him a box of popcorn or something. Ray is a great guy. He's funny and works hard in his profession. I hope he runs good tonight where he's running. For somebody to say that is one thing, but to come back and put it all together is pretty amazing.

"The main thing was getting a good, clean restart and getting the thing pointed in the right direction, keep it on the bottom and make it work. The sun was terrible getting into one. On the next to last restart I drove into one on the apron because I couldn't see the corner. When they pull the strips of plastic off the windshield, when they pulled that last one off it left a lot of glue on the windshield, and I couldn't see anything, especially getting into turn one. The caution came out again and Tim Fedewa the spotter said find something and pick a point. I believe that helped me. It made it a little easier getting into turn one.

"It seemed like we gave Kansas City away. To bring it all in perspective, we hadn't been all that good at Charlotte the past few times, and we ended up running well at Charlotte. We came here and had about half a day test because of the weather. Mike and I tried to go over the stuff, and it ended up raining practice short yesterday. Everything kind of played to us to some extent. I wanted to win bad for these guys, not only for myself, but for Ray and all the guys at the shop. I was trying not to make mistakes from my side, but we put it all together. I asked Mike how many cars were still on the lead lap, and he said 30 something. At one time, all the cars were still running. It's amazing to me how good all the cars are.

"Matt's a great kid. He's a great driver. I've watched him throughout the year, and there's a lot of times he's had a less of a car and he's finished very well with it. He did a great job for me back in '98 when my dad passed away. I had already gone to Dover and I remember going in there that Thursday night. I knew my dad was real sick when I left that day. It all happened and the next morning we ended up flying back home. We talked about several people to put in the car. He did a great job for me that day. I've watched him and kept up with him and always respected and admired what he's doing.

"Right now we need to focus on one race at a time. We'll worry about next year next year. I think collectively Ray and I have got some decisions to make, but all-in-all I'm so proud of this race team, and I don't want to take anything away from this race team. We've still got another race left. Once Homestead is over with we'll worry about next year and what we all end up collectively doing. All-in-all I'm very proud of the guys and very proud to be part of it. They've done an awesome job for me. To come here and everything that's happened this weekend, to win the last fall race at Rockingham, to win the last Unocal Pit Crew Championship as we know it today, as much as Unocal has meant to this sport. My first start was at Rockingham back in 1976. All that's kind of an ironic deal. It's like a storybook that's come together.

"I think in fairness to everybody, Ray's got decisions to make. I've got decisions to make. Nobody is going to live my life for me or vice versa. The way we're running right now, you can look at it one way or the other. I'm eventually going to retire. Right now, we've fought through some things but we haven't made a decision. Right now, things have got to line up. On the other hand, as good as we're running right now and you get those stars lined up and as good as everything is coming together right now, it makes it hard in other respects. I want to concentrate on Homestead, get through there and we'll worry about what we're going to do next year next year."

MIKE FORD (Crew chief No. 9 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge Intrepid)

"We came and tested a couple of weeks ago and had an excellent test. It was rain shortened by one day, but we had intentions of having some pit crew practice down here at the facility. We weren't allowed by the weather to do that, so we spent a little extra time at the shop getting the guys motivated and practicing with the format. We were able to win the competition and it carried over to today. Those guys were flawless. The car was good. We made just minor adjustments today, and the pit crew got him in and out well."

RAY EVERNHAM (Car owner No. 9 and 19 Dodge Dealers Dodge Intrepids)

"It was a great weekend for the whole team really. Everyone has worked hard together. We brought our Busch car here for the first time and qualified in the top five and finished in the top five. We went on to the pit crew championship and of course the nine car won it and the 19 was fourth. We qualified both of the Cup cars in the top five and finished in the top five and won the race. I'm really, really proud of the guys the way they're working together and the progress they've made. It lets us know our systems our working. We're building our own chassis now. We're putting our own bodies on, we're building our own motors and lots of great things are happening for us."

JEREMY MAYFIELD (No. 19 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge Intrepid) - Finished Third

"I think at that time we were about as low as you could go with a race team. The team was down. I was down. Our confidence was down. We could either sit here and cry about it or fall off the earth or we could start pulling together as a team and get better, and that's what we did. All areas of our race team have gotten better. It's every little piece of the puzzle, and that's where Ray (Evernham) is good. He's good at noticing what areas are weak and making them strong.

"We were better than he (Ryan Newman) was all day. We passed him early in the race. You pass him through the corners and you get on the straightaways and he drives right by you. It's pretty tough to do that, but I think we were better all the way around today. We finally beat him, but we know areas where we need to work more to beat him next time, but we feel like we've closed the gap. We've got a long way to go yet, but we hope we'll be able to beat him on a consistent basis.

"I've been in the relief mode for a long time now, about six months. I'm having fun now racing and finally get back toward the front and be halfway competitive again is feeling real good. Any time you've got that going on, it's a lot more relief than struggling or reading on Jayski whether you've got a job or not.

"I congratulated Bill when I went down to victory lane after the race. If I couldn't win, I wanted to see him win. I put a donut on his door and I told him I was sorry. I ran into him at the end of the race just for the fun of it. Our cars were pretty equal today. I think he was better midway on. At the beginning of the race we were good. We missed our chassis setup just a little bit about midway. About two runs there we were slow, but we started coming back at the end.

"It's been a long season. At least now we can go into next year with a lot of momentum we haven't had. I haven't had that since I've been here. This is the best I've felt since I left the 12 car and we were at the top of our game over there. Our cars are better, and we know what direction to go in. I feel real good about Homestead. It's a good racetrack for us. They've change it, so it'll be even for all of us, and to come off a run like this will be real cool."

Elliott's victory Sunday at Rockingham was the ninth win of the season for Dodge and pushed Dodge to second in the manufacturers' standings heading into the season finale. Chevy leads with 18 wins and 255 points. Dodge has nine wins and 199 points, followed by Ford with seven wins and 197 points. Pontiac has one win and 119 points.

Elliott's Crew Wins Union 76/Rockingham World Pit Crew Competition
Evernham Motorsports’ No. 9 Dodge Squad Set New World Record In 2003 Union 76/Rockingham World Pit Crew Competition. A new world record paced the field of the 36th Annual Union 76/Rockingham World Pit Crew Competition today at North Carolina Speedway.
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  • Union 76/Rockingham World Pit Crew Competition Results

    Elliott Qualifies Fifth at Rockingham
    "We went to make our qualifying run (in practice) and blew an engine, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens. Our Dodge has been running good here lately. Hopefully we can make Rockingham another good weekend. Finish out the season is our realistic goal, and we'll worry about the rest of it from there. Obviously we'd like to finish in the top 10, but with two races to go and as tight as that battle is, we'll have to see what happens. We're going to give it our best shot, there's no doubt about it," said Elliott after qualifying.

    Elliott Rockingham 2 Notes
    Sunday’s race will mark Elliott’s 48th career start at Rockingham. Elliott has earned three wins, two poles, 11 top-fives and 20 top-10s at the Rock.
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    Elliott Finishes 14th at Phoenix
    "We kept working on it and ended up with a decent finish," said Bill Elliott, who has finished 14th or better in eight straight races. "I wish we could have held on to ninth place in the standings, but we're not that far out of it and we're still in the top 10. It'd be nice if we can finish in the top 10, and that's what we're going to try to do in these next two races - that and win."

    Elliott Lines Up 18th at Phoenix
    "We were too tight in one end of the track and two loose in the other," said Elliott. "We'll get things worked out and get ready to race on Sunday."

    Elliott’s Pit Crew Wins for Seventh Time; Points Chase for $200,000 Bonus Tightens
    Bill Elliott’s No. 9 pit crew took first place honors in Atlanta, scoring its seventh win of the season in the McDonald’s Drive-Thru Pit Championship fueled by POWERade. It was also the fourth win in the last nine races for Elliott’s crew, which has pocketed a series-leading $140,000 in the inaugural championship that recognizes the unsung heroes on the NASCAR Winston Cup circuit.
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    Elliott Phoenix Notes
    Sunday's race will mark Elliott's 16th career start at Phoenix. Elliott has one win, two poles, four top-fives and four top-10s at the raceway. He won from the 13th position in 1989 and started from the pole position in 1993 and 1995.
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    Elliott 4th in Atlanta, 9th in Points
    "Ray and Mike Ford and all the guys have done a heck of a job this year. Everything has come together," said Bill Elliott after his fourth-place finish at Atlanta. "We're making good, solid decisions, and we're getting good, solid finishes. It feels good to have a good finish here. We got a little bit off on that one stop, but these guys came back and made it all back up. It was all them there at the end. We just need to keep digging. All the guys have done a heck of a job, and we just need to keep chipping away at it."

    Elliott Qualifies 5th at Home Track
    "I'm just glad it's over. I didn't lift," said Bill Elliott after qualifying fifth at Atlanta Motor Speedway. "It's so much different from qualifying to racing here. It's a different world. Qualifying at night didn't bother me, night, day, whatever it takes. I'm glad we're not racing here at night."

    "If I had something to say, then I'd tell you, but there's really no reason to," said Elliott when asked to comment on his future plans. "It wouldn't be fair for me to do that to everyone involved right now. Like I've said before, I don't have all the answers. When we do, then we'll be able to say something."

    Elliott Fans Respond to Possible Retirement
    Bill Elliott, the 1988 Winston Cup champion and 16-time NMPA Most Popular Driver, has some of the best fans in motorsports and it is understandable how his legion of supporters are feeling with all of the retirement talk that is swirling about.
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    This Week in Ford Racing: Winston Cup Champions
    Bill Elliott took the points lead for good with only nine races remaining after a second-place finish at Bristol and extended it after posting wins at Darlington and Dover in the month of September. He saw his 139-point lead nearly evaporate over the final six races as Rusty Wallace went on a tear by winning four of the final six races, including three straight (Charlotte, North Wilkesboro and Rockingham). Elliott ended up winning the championship by 24 points over Wallace in front of his hometown fans at Atlanta Motor Speedway with an 11th-place finish. Elliott, who won 11 races in 1985 but did not win the title, posted a season-best six poles and tied with Wallace for most wins with six.
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    Elliott Atlanta 2 Notes
    Bill Elliott is scheduled to drive a specially painted No. 9 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge commemorating his 1988 Winston Cup Championship. The paint scheme is part of the Victory Lap tribute program in honor of RJ Reynolds’ and Winston’s 33-year commitment to NASCAR.
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    Elliott 9th at Martinsville, Top-Ten in Points
    "We kind of held our own," said Bill Elliott after finishing ninth at Martinsville. "That's the best run we've had here in awhile. These guys kept after it all weekend. We had to work our way from the back. That's never good at a place like Martinsville. The guys never gave up, and we were able to get a decent finish and keep our momentum going." Elliott moved to 10th in the Winston Cup series standings, his highest ranking of the season.

    Elliott Starts 28th at Martinsville
    "It's so close here," said BIll Elliott. "My car wasn't too bad on new tires, and that's probably the way we should have gone. We'll probably end up back in the pack. It's pretty hard to pass here, so I guess we'll try to make up some spots on pit road."

    Elliott’s Pit Crew is Awesome Again
    Bill Elliott’s No. 9 pit crew became the first six-time winner of the McDonald’s Drive-Thru Pit Championship fueled by POWERade with its narrow victory in Saturday night’s (Oct. 11) NASCAR Winston Cup race at Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Charlotte.
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    Elliott Martinsville 2 Notes
    Though he has never visited victory lane or earned the pole position at Martinsville, Elliott has accumulated three top-fives and 13 top-10 finishes in 41 starts at NASCAR’s oldest track. He has led five Martinsville races for 241 laps, most recently logging five bonus points in the fall race of 1990.
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    Elliott Finishes 4th at LMS
    "Our Dodge Dealers Dodge ran great tonight," said Bill Elliott after scoring his second consecutive top-five finish. "We just couldn't catch a break. I got a little loose, and I got a little tight. We just couldn't ever get the balance exactly right. It seems like track position was everything, but I'm proud of my guys.

    "We might could have short stopped, but when you're running that good it's hard to make that gamble. At least we could see them. The guys have given me some real good equipment the past few weeks, and I'm really happy where we are right now.

    "The program has really come together. I ran hard from the start. The car would give up one way, and then it would give up the other way. I thought I had a pretty good deal there when I got ahead of Tony, but then Tony beat me out of the pits. It seems like track position and aero is the whole key, but Tony was really good on the short runs. We reeled him back in at the end, but it's hard to do anything with these guys.

    "You've just got to concentrate on what's going on and hopefully you adjust right for the last run. We've run well every week. Our finishes haven't reflected it, but this team has run well. If we can just catch a few breaks... We were right there tonight, but we just need to keep chipping away at it."

    Elliott Will Start 4th at Charlotte
    "You never know what you can do until you have to do it," said Bill Elliott after his qualifying lap at Lowe's Motor Speedway. "I'm proud of these guys. They believe in me week in and week out. That's what it's all about. We had good momentum last week, but this is another week. Charlotte has been bad and good to me, so we'll just see what happens this weekend. I still feel like the car could have been a little bit better. The problem is you practice when the track is a little bit warmer and then you turn around and qualify and it's quite a bit cooler. You just have to give it hour best shot.

    "I don't think the track will change too much between now and the end. We had some good runs the last six or seven races. Between Jeremy and myself, we've been up front consistently the past two weeks. Ray and the guys have done a great job, and Dodge has really stepped up and helped us the last couple of years. I'm very proud of where our team is this point in the season. I was very disappointed last week. It was just one of those situations where you give it all you've got and still come up second. It makes for a disappointing day."

    Elliott Charlotte 2 Notes
    This will be Elliott’s 54th career start at Lowe’s Motor Speedway. He has two wins, four poles, 10 top-fives and 21 top-10s at the track. His most recent pole-position at the track came in the Coca-Cola 600 in 1992. Elliott’s two wins at the track came in the fall races of 1984 and 1987.
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    Runner-Up Finish for Elliott in Kansas City
    "It was a good day, but we just couldn't get there," said Bill Elliott who is now tied with Rusty Wallace for 13th in the standings. Elliott has earned top-five finishes in three of his last six starts. "We had a good car, but it was just one of them days. We didn't change anything (on the No. 9 Dodge)."

    MIKE FORD (Crew Chief, No. 9 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge Intrepid) -

    "You can opt for fuel mileage and you can opt for power, but it's very difficult to get both. We go into each race and figure how much priority do you put on fuel mileage because there is a tradeoff for horsepower. We opted to go for the power today. We fell a little bit short on fuel mileage, but we didn't want to give anything up on the racetrack. If we had to do it again, we'd do the same thing. I don't think that we were going to be able to make it from the fuel window that they (the No. 12 team) were able to make it from. When you have a good handling racecar you're on throttle here a lot, and you won't get as good of fuel mileage as these other guys.

    "I'm sure he (Elliott) was a little bit frustrated. He was in a zone of his own this week. Coming here after our test, we all knew we had the car to beat. I think finishing second was just a little bit frustrating to him.

    "He (Newman) had a really good car at the end of the race. If you watched the race, he had a really good car all day. He got caught in traffic in his pit sequence and wasn't able to get back to the front. But, once he did get back to the front and got in the clean air he had a good car as well. I don't think we were able to see that all day, because we were in a different sequence than he was.

    "Earlier in the race we decided for four tires. A lot of guys took gas only. Some guys got two tires, and we were able to drive away from those guys in a hurry. Toward the end of the race we did the same thing and had the same result other than a couple of cautions there at the end. It burned some laps for us to not be able to catch the leaders. To second-guess the last call, I couldn't do that.

    "(Good fuel mileage) is something that we all strive for every day. They (No. 12 team) have a good package. They had a good racecar all day long, and we weren't able to see it like we were our car because we were up front. But they had a good car all day long, and with pit sequences and being in traffic, when they finally got into fresh air you were able to see how good the racecar was.

    "This racetrack really seems to suit Bill's driving style. It's a wide racetrack and it's fast. You have to be smooth and carry momentum, and that really suits his driving style. We've always seem to click here, and we're able to dial the car in quick. This racetrack doesn't seem to change much as the day goes on. We never made the first adjustment to our car all day.

    "We never made a chassis adjustment all day long. From the point that we started the race to the point where we ended the race it was the same. The balance of the car didn't change. That's what we had. Bill never commented that it felt like the tires weren't as good. We just got caught behind and didn't get caught up.

    "Charlotte's a lot different. It's a lot rougher racetrack. The speeds are fast if you have a good aero-balance here. It'll be similar at Charlotte. As far as chassis though, you're in different realm of chassis components. It's a little different for next week.

    "There were several cars that were going to gamble (on fuel) including our teammate. We knew that they couldn't make it had the race gone green. That's what we were hoping to happen, but we got several cautions there and got some laps to save some fuel. That wasn't what we wanted in our game plan. We weren't in that sequence to be able to look forward to that. We wanted to go green as long as we could to be able to run laps, and hopefully those other guys would use up their fuel. But it didn't happen.

    Elliott Qualifies Eighth at Kansas
    "That was a good lap for us," said Bill Elliott after qualifying eighth for the Banquet 400. "We feel pretty good about this Dodge, but I'm sure somebody else will be pretty good later today. I'm proud of the guys, though. They've worked hard for us. Hopefully that lap will hold up."

    Elliott Kansas Notes
    This weekend’s race will mark Elliott’s third start at Kansas. He has one top-five, one top-10 and has led 36 laps at the racetrack. His best start at Kansas is third (2001), while his best finish is fifth (2002). Elliott’s 4.0 average starting position is best among drivers who have made both starts at Kansas. He is the only driver to have earned two top-five starts at the racetrack.
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    Elliott Comes Home 13th at Talladega
    "It's just typical Talladega," said Bill Elliott following his 13th-place finish. "The rules change didn't do anything, really."

    Number Nine Starts Ninth at 'Dega
    "Mike and the guys do an awful good job here," said Elliott. "I know Ray has put a lot of effort into this Dodge deal, and we just need to have a good run in this Dodge Dealers Dodge on Sunday. The cars have changed pretty dramatically since then (setting Talladega speed record). With the restrictor plates and everything they do today it's so much different."

    Elliott’s Pit Crew Grabs Fifth Win of Season
    Bill Elliott’s No. 9 pit crew notched its fifth victory in the McDonald’s Drive-Thru Pit Championship fueled by POWERade by edging Elliott Sadler’s team in Sunday’s MBNA America 400 at Dover (Del.) International Speedway.
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    Elliott Talladega 2 Notes
    Elliott leads all drivers with eight Bud Poles at Talladega. He swept six straight poles at the track between 1985 and 1987. Elliott earned his most recent pole at Talladega in the fall race of 1993. His most recent front-row starts at the track came in the spring and fall races of 2000.
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    Elliott 14th at Dover Downs
    "There at the end we just got really loose and couldn't go nowhere," said Elliott. "We ran good for the guys early, but we just couldn't keep it going."

    Elliott Dover 2 Notes
    This will be Elliott’s 41st career start at Dover Int’l Speedway. He has a total of four wins, three poles, 12 top-fives and 19 top-10 finishes at the track. Elliott has led 15 Dover races for a total of 2,050 laps led at the track. He has tallied only three DNF’s at the racetrack.
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    Elliott Fourth in Loudon
    "The Dodge Dealers Dodge was really good," said Bill Elliott following his fourth-place run at Loudon, New Hampshire. "Mike and them guys really changed stuff around since Richmond last week, and they really put the car where it needed to be. I'm proud of the guys, though. We needed this for the rest of the season. We've got a lot of races left, and we needed a good run like this just to show that we could do it.

    "It happens," said Elliott on racing back to the yellow flag. "You need to slow down and kind of give guys a break within the accident, you know, trying to get the medical people to those guys. You don't have to slow down too much... But, if you're in a wreck out there on the racetrack, I'd want them to be able to get to me as fast as they possible could. Someone's always going to have an opinion regardless of what you do. I'm just glad with the way it turned out. We got a good day."

    "I'm not aware of what Michael (Waltrip) or Ryan (Newman) said, but we've all been on both sides of that equation (racing back to the flag)," said Bobby Labonte after the race. "Bill's (Elliott) spotter told my spotter that if a caution flew within a couple laps of the green flag they would work with us on us getting our lap back. Once the caution flew, I dropped to the inside to go by Bill and the others and next thing I know, Michael and Ryan start racing Bill for the lead."

    "I've been on both sides of it and I can understand their point," added Labonte. "But they have both been in Bill's shoes and mine as well, regarding what happened today and the last time I checked, it is the leaders option of allowing a car that is a lap-down to get their lap back. Bill was being nice enough to try and let me get my lap back if the opportunity was there, but I guess it caused some controversy. I was in situation just like Bill was today back in Atlanta earlier this year. I slowed down to let some cars get their lap back and I was criticized for it. Racing has changed because I remember when we had what was called a gentleman's agreement. Clearly that's out the window cause there weren't many people being gentleman out there today. It was really rough."

    Elliott Qualifies 12th at New Hampshire
    "Our Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge, it's good," said Bill Elliott. "You know, you come out, you make your run and do the best you can. It's not like anyone else is going to touch Ryan Newman. We'll have to see what everybody else has got for tomorrow, and we'll see what happens on Sunday. Our lap wasn't bad. We're pretty decent right now."

    Elliott New Hampshire 2 Notes
    This weekend Bill Elliott is scheduled to drive chassis No. 49, which he raced at New Hampshire and Richmond in the spring. This car’s best finish was at Richmond, where Elliott started 28th and finished 20th after leading once for six laps.
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    Elliott Caught Up in Richmond Accident, Finishes 37th
    "I mean, y'all come over here and ask what happened, but I'm sitting here and I guess I got hit from the back. I don't know what happened. Other than the wreck happening in front of me, I slowed down and somebody else didn't. That's just plain and simple," said Bill Elliott.

    Elliott Starts 15th at Richmond
    "That lap wasn't bad," said Elliott. "We were better in practice, but we just couldn't get it going there. We did more qualifying stuff in practice, just fiddling around with it. We'll just have to see."

    Elliott Richmond 2 Notes
    Bill Elliott led 348 of the 400 total laps (87%) in the March 8, 1992 Pontiac Excitement 400 at Richmond, earning a victory from the pole position. No driver has led more laps in a Richmond race since then, and only one driver has led more laps since Richmond adopted a 400-lap race format in 1976 (Bobby Allison - 369 laps led, Sept. 1979).
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    Elliott's Pit Crew Becomes First Four-Time Winners
    The inaugural McDonald's Drive-Thru Pit Championship fueled by POWERade has paid out $500,000 to pit crews during the first 25 NASCAR Winston Cup races of the 2003 season. Leading the prize money list is the pit crew for Bill Elliott's team, which swiped its fourth victory of the season Sunday at the Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway.
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    Top Five for Elliott in Southern 500
    "The guys did a good job. They worked hard all day," said Bill Elliott after crossing the finish line in the fifth spot on Sunday afternoon in Darlington. "We struggled. The longer I ran, the tighter I got. I was hanging on man. Anything (weather wise) will be better than today. Man, I'm whipped. I ain't the only one though. I looked down through there and there were several others. It ain't the last time (for the Southern 500). Everybody is making a big deal out of it, but I'm real proud for Terry. He did a heck of a job, and he did what he had to do. There again, track position is everything."

    Elliott Darlington Saturday Quotes
    "I think the strengths are long term. I think Ray has got a good plan of where he's going business wise. It's just like any race team out there today. A lot of teams are excellent race teams and we've got all the pieces of the puzzle, but we can't get 'em all to fit together. You go through points in time, and people become as big a factor in that than anything."
    Elliott Saturday Quotes

    Elliott to Start 22nd in Southern 500
    "Qualifying wasn't as good as I wanted it to be," said Elliott. "We didn't qualify well here in the spring, but we ran good in the race. That's all that matters right now. We'll just try to get the Dodge where it needs to be for a long, hot afternoon. It looks like it's going to be warm here tomorrow, and that's going to be the key part, keeping the driver happy and making all 367 laps."

    Dodge This Teleconference: Bill Elliott
    "Well, let me tell you like this. When I'm ready to talk, I'll talk. When I ain't, I ain't. That's just plain and simple. When it's time, it's time and I'll let you know. When it's not, it's not, and then I'll let you know. I'm almost 50 now. I've given it thought because I'm definitely on the shorter end of the stick."
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    Elliott Darlington 2 Notes
    This weekend will mark Elliott’s 51st career start at Darlington. He has five wins {1985ab, 1988b, 1992a, 1994b}, five poles {1981a, 1985ab, 1988b, 1994a}, 21 top-fives and 34 top-10 finishes at the track. Elliott has led 27 races for a total of 980 laps at Darlington.
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    Elliott Ends Night 16th at Bristol
    "We weren't too bad. We tore the car up pretty good, and we struggled because of that," said Elliott. "We had a decent car to start with, but track position is everything at Bristol."

    Elliott Qualifies 25th Bristol
    "Our first lap wasn't bad. I kind of screwed up the second lap," said Elliott. "I knew it when we got into one. I'll just try a little harder. Our setup feels good now, but it depends on whether it rains here during practice or not. That's going to be a big deal."

    Elliott Bristol Notes
    Elliott won at Bristol in the racetrack’s 55th race when he moved from 13th place to victory lane in spring of 1988. Elliott’s pole position at Bristol came in the fall race three years later as he started from the front in the 1991 Bud 500. Elliott’s most recent top-10 finish at the track came in the spring race of 1997 when he finished seventh.
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    Elliott 15th at MIS
    "We had a good car today," said Elliott following his 15th-place finish at Michigan. "We were definitely capable of finishing better than we did, but we got caught up with the fuel mileage deal and there wasn't too much more we could do about it."

    Elliott Starts 32nd at Michigan
    "It ain't felt right since I've been here. Tomorrow is another day," said Elliott.

    Elliott Michigan Notes
    Bill Elliott leads all active drivers with seven wins at Michigan - 1984(a) 1985(a,b), 1986(a,b), 1987(b) and 1989(a). He ranks third behind David Pearson (9) and Cale Yarborough (8) for most wins all-time at the track.
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    Elliott 20th at Watkins Glen
    Bill Elliott began the 90-lap race at Watkins Glen Int’l in the 25th position. A caution on the first lap slowed the field for several laps, but Elliott wouldn’t pit until lap 23 when the second caution of the race was displayed for a fire on pit road. Elliott continued to battle for track position and fluctuated with cars running midpack on the racetrack. He was able to gain several spots leading up to his final pit stop on lap 53, when he pitted for four tires and fuel. The pitting sequence, which occurred under caution, shuffled the field, and Elliott was once again mired back in traffic. He was able to maintain his position on the track in the closing laps to finish in 20th place. He remains in the 17th spot in the Winston Cup points race, 149 points of 15th place and 280 points out of 10th place.

    Elliott Starts 25th at The Glen
    "I haven't been that good since I've been here, so why start now," said Elliott. "We'll probably end up about 25th when we get done today. I don't know if I hit everything right, but at least I didn't hit anything big."

    Elliott Watkins Glen Notes
    This will be Elliott’s 17th career start at Watkins Glen Int’l. He has three top-five and five top-10 finishes at the track. Elliott has led three Watkins Glen races for a total of 27 laps. Elliott’s best finish at Watkins Glen is third, which he earned in the 1988 Bud at the Glen, starting from the third starting position. Elliott’s best start was from the second starting position in the 1995 Bud at the Glen.
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    Elliott Scores Top Five at Indy
    "We kept working on it and finally got it a little better," said Bill Elliott after finishing fifth at the Brickyard. "In the middle of the race we were terrible. We ran out of gas, and I wasn't very good either. It felt like I passed half the pack on those last nine laps. I don't know what NASCAR thinks, but why not at these long racetracks run one more lap, let us line up and leave lapped cars that have already run 149 laps and let us get going for nine laps at the end."

    Elliott Starts Third at IMS
    BILL ELLIOTT (No. 9 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge Intrepid)

    Defending Brickyard 400 champ qualified third fastest for 10th annual Brickyard 400

    "It was a good run. I was very pleased with the car. It didn't end up on the pole, but it was a great day to qualify and everybody got everything they could out of the car. I don't know how I could go back out and run a better lap. That's all I had. I wish the sun had come out and got the track a little warmer, but the weather is going to be what it's going to be. I love this racetrack. I love racing here. It's always been good to me. We got a good draw, but I knew Ryan Newman would be the guy to beat. If we can start in the top five we'll be in good shape. A lot of good cars got an early draw. This has always been fun here. I've enjoyed it the past nine years. I really enjoyed it last year, and I hope I'll be able to enjoy it just as much when they drop the checkered flag Sunday."

    "I was kinda disappointed leaving here (after testing). I didn't think we got much accomplished. We didn't do any qualifying runs. Then you come in yesterday for a late-afternoon practice for an early-morning qualifying. It's hard to make a second guess as far as what you're going to do as far as qualifying goes."

    DO FAST QUALIFYING SPEEDS MEAN ANYTHING FOR THE RACE? "Not a lot. The cooler the track gets, the faster these cars are going to go, and that's pretty evident from what happened this morning. I was lucky enough to get a good draw. A lot of times I'd rather be lucky than good any day of the week. I was fortunate to get an early draw. It worked out for us. It was pretty bad for the guys in the middle there. When the track temp got up it kinda hurt them and kinda came back a little at the end. It was kinda a hard judge, but right now, depending on what the track temp is tomorrow and what the conditions are, it's going to judge the speed of the race."

    HAS INDY DETRACTED FROM DAYTONA OR VICE VERSA? "I think we've been able to carve our way into the record books here in a short time. I think the people that were Indy 500 fans have become Brickyard fans, and vice versa. I think it's been a twofold deal. I don't know if you're ever going to take away from the Daytona 500 looking from that side, but the Daytona 500 is always the biggest event because it starts our season. You come to Indy and it kinda is the second half of the season. It's the start of the new part of the season. I've enjoyed running here over the last 10 years, or at least nine years. I enjoyed coming here for the Goodyear test back in '92. I have some good memories, great memories from last year, a great win here. We'll see what tomorrow brings."

    ARE YOU HAPPY WITH PROGRESS OF TEAM? "Well, there's areas I like and areas I dislike. I'm not going to sit here and say I agree with everything everybody does or I disagree with everything everybody does. All-in-all, it's come a long way. Everybody's got an opinion on a lot of decisions that are made as far as the competitors' side goes. Some I agree with, and some I disagree with."

    ARE THE DRIVERS BETTER AT INDY? "I think over the last nine years of coming here, it's the evolution of where these cars have come to. Goodyear has made the tires better. The manufacturers have made the aerodynamics better. The crews have learned how to turn the engines harder and produce more power. Put all those ingredients together and you're going to come up with faster speeds. It's just an ongoing evolution of refining every part of the racecar. That's the key to running faster. It isn't that anything gets better. It's just small improvements in every area."

    COMMENT ON IROC RACE "It was a good finish, a good race. Jay and everybody at IROC, I really appreciate everything they did. It was a great opportunity to get to race with Steve Kinser and Castroneves and some of the other racing greats from other series. It's great to get a chance to compete against those guys. It really doesn't give you an advantage for the Winston Cup race. The cars are quite a bit different. You get more laps on the track, and that really never hurts. It's racing, and that's what a racer does. It's a great opportunity to compete against those guys at different tracks. I had a lot of fun. It gives me and other people an opportunity, and it's good racing. I was happy to compete and do the things I did."

    WHAT DO YOU WORK ON LAST 45 MINUTES OF PRACTICE? "We're just going to try to get the car to handle real good and at the same time be real fast. Sometimes you've got to give up some drivability to be real fast and vice versa. We're going to do the best job we can and try to get a car that will work real good out front and in traffic. The car was pretty good in the first practice. We weren't the quickest on the chart, but we're pretty happy with it. We'll see how the second practice goes."

    ARE YOU DISAPPOINTED THAT YOU MISSED THE POLE? "Well, we're not disappointed. To come from 30th yesterday to second today by three hundredths of a second is an awesome feat for the team. Kevin Harvick and I both know that we got the two best times to go out and qualify. His was a little bit better with the rain on the track and the track having a chance to cool down a little bit more. We'll go on now and forget about the pole. He got the pole, so now we'll try to get the win."

    YOU'RE BACK HOME AGAIN IN INDIANA. DOES THAT MAKE THE BRICKYARD 400 EVEN MORE SPECIAL TO YOU? "It's a big race no matter what. They added a little extra hype because I'm from Indiana, but that's part of their job. It's the second biggest purse of the season, but that's all right. We always go out and do the best job we can."

    COMMENT ON THREE DODGES IN TOP FIVE "I think the Dodge has a good package. The three Dodges that are in the top five went out pretty early, and I think that had a lot to do with it. Chevy still got the pole, so we've still got some work to do. I'm not concerned about any one car or team tomorrow. You've got to beat everybody."

    Elliott Friday Indy Quotes
    BILL ELLIOTT (No. 9 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge Intrepid)

    "Indy has always been a racetrack that I've run well at. We came here and did the test back in '92 when I was driving for Junior Johnson and I just kind of fell into the groove of this particular racetrack. I enjoy running here. It's a racetrack that's got a lot of history with it. It was always known for the IndyCars, but we've carved our way with the stock cars over the past few years. Given that, I think the racetrack is a lot of fun to drive, but track position this year seems to be everything. If you have any problems, even as good as you could be, I don't know if you could overcome it even in the later stages of the race. Qualifying is going to be very important tomorrow. I think when you go out as far as picking a position to go out to qualify is going to be very important. It's going to be a very key part of it. Keeping that track position and hoping everything goes in your direction... Last year we pulled off a good victory. We qualified well and were able to keep track position all day long. That's a critical part of it. Hopefully we can get another win here. That would be great. If not, if we can be competitive here Sunday afternoon, that's going to be a key part of the Dodge Intrepid.

    "Right now I'm just thinking about the job at hand, what I've got to do today and tomorrow and Sunday and go on from there. I haven't really thought about last year too much. We're here to do a job. We raced last week at Pocono, and we're here at Indy this week. We want to give it a great effort. It's just like going to Daytona in February. We put a lot of effort into that one event. We came here and tested and put a lot of emphasis into this event.

    "The tests are hard to evaluate. We throw everything we can at the cars and go back and try to interpret what you want to come back with and which car you want and what you like and what you dislike. Hopefully the circumstances are close to what you practiced and then you can make the best of it.

    "The safety crew here is excellent. I wish these guys would go other places and teach the other guys. What Tony George and this facility has done as far as safety, my hat is off to these guys.

    "Track position will be the main thing. As close as everybody is today and as close as these cars are, track position is going to be the key part. I don't think anybody has got a great advantage like's been seen here in the past. Everybody is so close now. If you do have a good running racecar and get caught in the back, it's going to be hard to get back to the front. We came here and had a real good test. We focused on every detail to make the car as fast as we could. We had no problems last year. Everything came together. I guess all the stars lined up and we ended up in victory lane.

    "I think I was more shocked last year than anything. I was proud for the guys as hard as they worked. I was proud for Ray also. You're eventually going to have to quit the sport sooner or later. I know I'm on the shorter end of the stick than the longer end. I think you look at these deals and go through some diversity. You get in the right position. Ray came to me and hired me to drive his car. That was very gratifying for me. I was able to win Homestead and put a lot of good runs together. We won Pocono last year and came here and won. I think everything that happened was a great accomplishment for us. Still, that's been a year ago. This is reality. What happened last year is history.

    "I think everybody views Indy a little differently. Of all the tracks we go to, this track has more history than any other one. Open wheel racing is still racing. It's our heritage. You go back in the early 1900s when racing started this was the facility they chose, so this is part of it. Back then they were stock cars.

    "When you get out on the racetrack and think about all the history that this track has seen over the years. That's kind of a special feeling to me. I don't know any other track that's got the history this track's got.

    "I don't know if the driver means anything any more. I think all he does is hold the steering wheel. If you get at the right place at the right time, you can look like a hero or you can look like a rookie that's never driven a racecar in his life. I don't know how to describe it. We all want close racing, but it doesn't seem like we can accomplish it. It seems like a few of the lead cars can break away and everybody else is stuck back to fend for themselves. It gets ugly back there. I don't like to be there.

    "Everybody is trying to make bold moves to get up through the pack and make something happen. It puts you in a bad position. You have to race differently when you're back there versus when you're up front. I think the racing has become more pitting and fuel mileage rather than what goes on on the racetrack. Look at Pocono. We had a little incident on pit road. I ran into the back of the 48 car and messed up the front of my car. We ended up having to stay on pit road a long time. I was the last car to come out. I was good under a long green run, but I couldn't run the first few laps. It took a couple of laps for my car to get going and then I was good from that point on. By the time I got going and started passing cars, the leader would be half a lap ahead. You were back there racing the 20th place car and you couldn't see the leader. By the time things get sorted out, they're gone and you're not able to catch 'em."

    Elliott Indy Notes
    Bill Elliott is scheduled to defend his 2002 Brickyard 400 win with the same chassis- No. 30- that he drove to victory lane at Indianapolis last year. It also is the same chassis that he drove in his wins at Homestead in 2001 as well as Pocono(b) in 2002. The chassis was run one time this season, at the first Pocono race.
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    Elliott Finishes 17th at Pocono
    “Track position was so important,” said Bill Elliott. “We kept working on our Dodge all day and it was pretty good. We just never could get the right track position there at the end.”

    Elliott Starts 11th at Pocono
    "Unless you're on the pole are you ever satisfied? We picked up about four tenths from practice, but that's still not enough. We just need to figure out what Ryan's doing," said Elliott after qualifying 11th in Pocono.

    Elliott's Pit Crew Takes Center Stage For Third Time
    Bill Elliott's No. 9 pit crew showcased its fast and accurate skill again - winning the McDonald's Drive-Thru Pit Championship fueled by POWERade at Sunday's New England 300 in Loudon, N.H.
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    Elliott Pocono 2 Notes
    This will be Elliott's 44th career start at Pocono Raceway. He has a total of five wins, five poles, 14 top-fives and 22 top-10 finishes at the track. Elliott has led 22 Pocono races for a total of 427 laps led at the track.
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    Elliott 31st at New Hampshire
    "It looked like we were headed for a decent finish, but we had to come in for fuel with a few laps to go and that pretty much took care of that," said Elliott. "We didn't have anything to lose, so we gambled and it didn't work out this time."

    Elliott Loudon Notes
    This will be Elliott’s 17th career start at New Hampshire Int’l Speedway, where he has one pole, one top-five and three top-10 finishes. Elliott’s best finish came in the 1999 Jiffy Lube 300 when he finished fifth. His best New Hampshire start came in the 2002 New England 300 when he took the pole.
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    Elliott Survives Chicago, Finishes 11th
    "We survived, and that's about all I can say," said Bill Elliott. "I'm surprised we ran long enough to finish. The car was pretty killed. I don't know when I've been hit that hard and still been able to keep running. If we can keep plugging along, we'll be all right. Track position was everything today, and it's that way just about everywhere you go now. It's unfortunate if you get behind because it's really hard to get caught back up. Our fuel mileage hurt really bad, but we'll keep working on it."

    Elliott to Start Third at Chicagoland
    BILL ELLIOTT (No. 9 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge Intrepid) - Qualified third

    "We've just got to keep working on this car. This business changes week in and week out. The track is real smooth. It's a little bit rough getting into turn one. It's still a nice race track. Once we run on it a little more and get multiple grooves in it, I think it'll get even better. It seems like since last year we missed a little bit with the rule changes. I think we're getting better each and every week. I wasn't very pleased with practice today, and Mike (crew chief Ford) and the guys threw everything they could at it and it paid off.

    "It (Chicagoland Speedway) seems to suit my driving style if you look at it from that standpoint. Jeff (Gordon) said he tried to drive it in as far as I did, and I said I didn't drive it in as far as Tony Stewart did. It's been a good race track for me. I've enjoyed racing here the last couple of years. I'm looking forward to Sunday. I qualified third here last year, and we needed to step it up a little bit. I thought we had a pretty good lap going. Practice didn't go well for us, and we made quite a few changes to the car right before qualifying. The little rain shower probably picked the speeds up.

    "It seems like here, Vegas, Kansas City, Indy, Michigan are the kind of race tracks I like. Mike Ford has been with me since 2000. He and I and some other guys on the team relate to these places. It kind of fits my style real well. It's a nice rolling, speed type. You've got to roll through the corners fast and hard, and that's the kind of race tracks I like.

    "You have a particular way you like the racecar to be. Whether it's loose in the corner, tight in the corner, halfway in the middle. What Jeremy likes isn't what I like in the racecar. What Rusty likes and what Ryan likes are two different things, and I'm sure what Jimmie likes and what Jeff likes are two different things. Everybody's got their own little style of the way they get down in the corners and how they want the car to be. I think certain race tracks go with certain people. Drivers adapt to race tracks and maybe change their driving style or the way they set up the car to adapt to the race track, but I still think there are others you just fall in to. I think I could go to Darlington and get a pickup truck around Darlington. It's one of those race tracks I kinda like. Then I go to Bristol, and I kind of struggle a little bit. If you hit everything right, I can get there. It's like, you've got to have everything perfect. At some of the race tracks, you can have it less than perfect and be pretty decent.

    "The team chemistry, all the guys on the 19 car have kinda of come together. Kenny Francis who went over there, who was my car boss last year is really a good guy. I think the world of Kenny. He went over to be crew chief for Jeremy, and I think they're coming together. I think the first part of the season with the body change and things we went through, we kinda moved some people around, and I think we're starting to get on track. You run into those little bumps in the race. You make a change on the car and don't get the particular feel you want. You go down the timesheet and everything is separated by hundredths and thousandths. It don't take much to be off anymore. If you get that chemistry going and be pumped up when you walk in the gate and know you've got a good race car, that's half the battle."

    Tropicana 400 Notes
    Practice 1 17 29.731 181.629
    Qualifying 3 29.284 184.401
    Practice 2 21 30.537 176.835
    Happy Hour 4 30.414 177.550

    Elliott Chicagoland Notes
    This will be Elliott’s third career start at Chicagoland Speedway, where he has two top-10 finishes. Elliott’s best finish came in the 2002 Tropicana 400 when he finished seventh. He also notched his best Chicago start when he began from the third starting position last year.
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    Elliott 16th at Daytona
    "Me and Bill (Elliott) were together out there a lot tonight," said teammate Jeremy Mayfield. "I hate it at the end. The 88 got a run on me, and I had to go. We worked well together tonight, but it didn't work out at the end."

    “It’s just one of those things,” said Elliott. “Anything can happen at the end in one of these races. Unfortunately, it didn’t end up going our way.”

    Elliott Daytona Qualifying Quotes
    "Qualifying doesn't really mean a lot here," said Bill Elliott after qualifying 14th for the Pepsi 400. "Matt Kenseth and I were talking, and we thought it would be a good idea if we ran the road course here Saturday night. I ran pretty good on the road course a couple of weeks ago. In '88 I started 37th or 38th here and won the race, but it's different these days. The way restrictor plate racing is, it's totally irrelevant where you start. If you're decent, you can get to the front. If you're handling well and the race goes green, you can get to the front. The foot is doing real well. We had last week off, and I think I'm good to go."

    Pepsi 400 Notes
    Practice 1 25 49.123 183.214
    Qualifying 14 49.030 183.561
    Practice 2 24 48.559 185.342
    Happy Hour 29 48.394 185.973

    Elliott Daytona Notes
    This will be Elliott’s 53rd career start at Daytona Int’l Speedway, where he has five poles and four wins. He leads all active drivers with 15 top-five finishes at Daytona. Elliott is also tied with Terry Labonte leading all active drivers with 24 top-10 finishes at the track. Elliott has led 22 Daytona races for a total of 599 laps, the most of all active drivers, and has failed to finish only six times in 52 races.
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    Elliott 4th at Sonoma
    "I almost got another spot there at the end, but I tried not to get too excited," said Bill Elliott after battling Kevin Harvick for the third position at the checkered flag. Elliott narrowly lost the battle and settled for fourth place at Infineon. "I'm proud of these guys. It was a good run for the Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge. The Dodge camp needed that awful bad. We had a good race car. We just couldn't get in the right position. A couple of cautions helped us get to the end, but I'm proud of what these guys have accomplished. We ended up with a little strategy. We've worked hard, and the last three or four weeks have been a struggle. To come out and have a good day like this makes us all feel good.

    "It's been me some, but it seems like we just hadn't hit the combination. I've been nursing this foot along, and everything has gone well, but we needed this for the second half of the season. It'll give us the inspiration we need to get the second half started right. I need to get this foot better, but we had a good, dependable car today and that's what we need.

    "I had a lot of close calls today. Guys were moving around pretty good out there. The foot didn't bother me today. When you're running good, it doesn't bother you at all. Nothing bothers you when you're running good.

    "I enjoyed it. We had a good afternoon. The car held together, we got good gas mileage and got track position and I'm ready to go home now. I'm tired."

    Elliott Starts 12th at Infineon
    "I lost a few tenths up there when I got the car too far out," said Elliott. "We got it back in one piece and we'll just continue on and get it ready to race. Some days you make it and some days you don't. I feel like I've come a long way here the last couple of weeks. I'm proud of the guys. They've worked hard and stuck with me. We need to keep chipping away at it. The last couple of weeks have been frustrating. We need to get a good run in, so maybe we'll get one here Sunday in the Dodge/Save Mart 350. The foot isn't hurting. If I get through this race without getting it hurt and then have next week off, it should be 100 percent by Daytona. They better watch out for me Sunday. I might run over 'em."

    Dodge/Save Mart 350 Notes
    Practice 1 8 77.630 92.284
    Qualifying 12 77.488 92.453
    Practice 2 13 78.190 91.623
    Happy Hour 10 78.000 91.846

    Elliott Infineon Notes
    Bill Elliott will drive the No. 9 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge this weekend. However, Trans-Am Series driver Brian Simo tested the No. 9 Dodge at Carolina Motorsports Park and is scheduled to standby for Elliott at Infineon.
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    Elliott 24th in Michigan
    “Our finish didn’t show the kind of car we had today,” said Bill Elliott. “Things just didn’t go our way. We can’t seem to catch a break. We were making a good run there, but we got caught with the caution. I feel bad for these guys. They’ve been working hard. It seems like we just need a little luck to go our way.”

    Elliott Recalls Favorite Ford Memories
    Ford Motor Company is in the midst of celebrating its 100th anniversary with a major public event at Ford World Headquarters in Dearborn, Mich.

    Henry Ford's upset victory over Alexander Winton on Oct. 10, 1901, helped paved the way for the formation of Ford on June 16, 1903. And, since that day, racing has played a very prominent role in the company's history, from the early victories of "999," to the 'Purple Hogs" in NASCAR in 1955, to the four LeMans victories in the 1960s, to the "Million Dollar Bill" Elliott NASCAR domination in the 1980s, to the return to CART and Indianapolis in the 1990s, and to the present North American Ford programs in NASCAR, CART Champ Car and NHRA.

    Earlier this week, Ford Racing asked many of its current drivers and legends to discuss their favorite Ford memories. Today, Bill Elliott was asked to do the same.

    BILL ELLIOTT - No. 9 Dodge Dealers Intrepid (NOTE: Bill Elliott ranks second behind Ned Jarrett (43) in all-time Ford wins with 40.) - "For what they've done for me and all the years that I've driven Fords, it was a great achievement for what we did in the eighties. I always felt like that was a place that was special because of the way my dad liked Fords and what he did throughout his era and his evolution of race cars. Even in the late sixties, he'd go to the race track and be the only Ford there. His strong belief in Ford was instilled in us and I inherited that from him. That same belief followed us into the late seventies and early eighties when we got into the sport."

    IS THERE A MEMORY THAT STANDS OUT OR ACHIEVEMENT YOU'RE MOST PROUD OF WITH FORD? "I think it was a combination of how we got started and the results we had. We were so into the Fords. When we started running Fords in NASCAR and Winston Cup, there were very few Fords out there. We were very much a minority from that standpoint and I think I was proud of the way we kind of went in and did it on our own. Ford was there when we got serious about racing in Winston Cup and were trying to be serious competitors week in and week out. I was proud of the way we did it. We didn't go into another team and try to buy our way in or anything like that, we pretty much did it on our own."

    Elliott Michigan Qualifying Quotes
    "We weren't that good in practice, so we changed everything before qualifying and picked up about four tenths," said Elliott. "We've been struggling a little the last few weeks, so we just need to get better. The foot's not bad. We won't have any trouble with it Sunday. The lap was OK. I wish I could have been better, but we gained a lot from practice. We need to get this Dodge hooked up and run from front Sunday. I've always been relatively good here, and we need to get on top of things early this weekend. We need our season to turn around. We've struggled the last several weeks, not only with my injury but with all the other stuff going on."

    Sirius Satellite Radio 400 Notes
    Practice 1 18 38.707 186.013
    Qualifying 16 38.340 187.793
    Practice 2 19 39.658 181.552
    Happy Hour 23 40.119 179.466

    Elliott Michigan Notes
    "I go to the doctor tomorrow (Wednesday) for another x-ray. We'll know more then but I don't expect that it's gotten any worse. We're just going on a day-by-day basis just like last week. The team is really doing a great job helping me stay comfortable and dealing with the situation. I didn't race with the protective boot this weekend and we'll just have to see what we'll do for this weekend. Tomorrow we should know a little more."
    Full Story

    Elliott Finishes 19th at Pocono
    "Someone got into us there at the end," said Bill Elliott after his 19th-place finish at Pocono. "I really don't know exactly what happened. We were making a run there at the end, but we just didn't get to finish like we should have. The car was pretty good at first. We got into the wall and that didn't help anything, but the guys never gave up today. I've got to take my hat off to them. I know my foot injury has been tough on the team, but the guys have really stayed behind me and I really appreciate that."

    Could Kimmel Sub for Elliott at Pocono?
    Ray Evernham discusses his driver Bill Elliott and possible substitute Frank Kimmel. With rain pounding Pocono Raceway Saturday morning, prospects of NASCAR Winston Cup practice appeared dubious at best. Will that alter Elliott's race plans on Sunday?
    Full Story

    Elliott Qualifies 8th at Pocono
    "It was real close to what we ran in practice," said Bill Elliott. "We didn't slow down. I would have liked to run a second lap but the car ran too hot. Shifting is going to be different. It's going to make for an interesting Sunday afternoon. I was disappointed after Dover last week. You try to do things differently. As you continue to do it more you get in a better rhythm of what you're doing, but it's a big change. It's hard to do.

    "You've got to be 110 percent every week. I'm behind the guys, and I see their frustrations. That's the thing you've got to look at. The more I get better each week, but you totally change the way you drive the car and as good as everybody is here today, that's really hard to do.

    "If we're running good Sunday, I'll stay in the car. It's pretty much that simple, but we'll see. The guys have stuck with me through thick and thin, and that's what you've got to do in this business. It's hard enough to keep the guys pumped up and motivated week in and week out. We need to have a good run here at Pocono.

    "The foot doesn't hurt at all. I just can't use it. If I do use it, it hurts. I can use the clutch in and out of the pits, but as far as having enough of a foot to mash the brake pedal, I can't do it.

    "The doctor said I hadn't hurt it, but it's not healed. That's the worry that he's got. If I re-injure it, and they miss a line, they're going to have to go in there and pin it. If that happens, I'm out of the race car. You've got to be realistic. I think Johnny Benson did the right thing last year by getting out, getting healed and coming back. The way you've got to run today, if I get re-hurt I'm out of the car. That's what people have to understand. It's just a bad enough injury that you're on the fence. When I broke my hip, it was black and white. I was out of the car. You've got to work through this stuff and understand it. There are so many good teams and cars here today that you can't give up an inch. Now we're looking for hundredths and thousandths.

    "We'll talk about it in the morning and decide what we're going to do for Sunday. Frank Kimmel will be standing by, so we'll just wait and see what happens."

    Pocono 500 Notes
    Practice 1 10 52.990 169.843
    Qualifying 8 53.048 169.658

    Winston Teleconference: Bill Elliott and Ray Evernham
    Bill Elliott, driver of the No. 9 Dodge Dealers Dodge Intrepid R/T, and team owner Ray Evernham were this week's guest on the NASCAR Winston Cup Teleconference.
    Full Story

    Elliott Pocono Notes
    Bill Elliott is scheduled to drive chassis No. 30, which he ran last year at Pocono(a), Indianapolis and the 2001 Homestead-Miami race. Elliott drove this car to victory in all three events. Four-time ARCA RE/Max Series Champion, Frank Kimmel, will be on hand at Pocono Raceway this weekend in the event that the No. 9 team needs a replacement driver.
    Full Story

    Elliott 22nd at The Monster Mile
    “We’re still working at it,” said Elliott after his 22nd-place finish at Dover. “Mike and the guys worked hard. It’s like I said earlier, I’m kind of a negative with this broken foot, but we’ll just keep chipping away at it. It’s a long season, and we’re not even halfway through it.”

    Elliott Starts 14th at Dover
    "I'm kind of a negative factor for this Dodge crew right now," said the injured Elliott following his qualifying run. "I can't do what I need to do. Other than the foot is still broken, I can't use it. I've just got to figure out what I need to do and what I can do in the race car and go from there."

    MBNA Armed Forces Family 400 Notes
    Practice 1 27 23.216 155.066
    Qualifying 14 23.098 155.858
    Practice 2 6 23.458 153.466
    Happy Hour - Rain Out

    Shift Motorsports Partners with Evernham Motorsports
    SHIFT, a leading performance motocross and motorsports company, is proud to announce that it has entered into a multi-year apparel research and development partnership with Evernham Motorsports’ NASCAR Winston Cup teams. SHIFT and Evernham will work to develop a technical product line of specialized crew apparel and racewear strategically designed to meet the needs of the modern day race team and pit crew.
    Full Story

    Elliott Dover Notes
    This will be Elliott’s 40th career start at Dover Int’l Speedway. He has a total of three poles, 12 top-fives and 19 top-10 finishes at the track. Elliott has led 15 Dover races for a total of 2,050 laps led at the track - one lap more than Jeff Gordon and most of any active driver. He has tallied only three DNF’s at the racetrack.
    Full Story

    Evernham Set to Return to His Racing Roots
    Evernham Motorsports announces that President and CEO Ray Evernham will participate in a special match race at Wall Township Speedway on Saturday, May 31, as part of the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series. Evernham is scheduled to drive a Dodge in a Modified class 12-lap shootout race against Martin Truex, Jr., who has raced in the Modified and Busch North Series.
    Full Story

    Elliott 26th in Charlotte
    "The foot was fine," said Bill Elliott after his run. "We just could never find what we needed there in three and four. It didn't go 600 miles, and that didn't hurt my feelings at all tonight."

    Evernham Updates Elliott's Condition
    "He (Bill Elliott) did break three bones in his foot, and what we've got to do is stop his foot from going like that (bending). Otherwise it could separate the bones and certainly make things worse and possibly force him into having an operation to pin it. Dr. Terry Trammel from Indianapolis came up with some insoles to go inside his boot, which he is wearing in his regular shoe now. We kicked around some ideas at the shop and we've got some motorcycle, flat track guys, and we thought he needed something to protect his toe and something that would keep his foot flat and not bend."
    Full Story

    Elliott Charlotte Qualifying Quotes
    "My foot's not hurting me," said Elliott. "I've just got to figure out how to brake correctly with this new deal. I don't usually brake with my right foot on superspeedways, but I do on some tracks. We'll just see how it goes. It'll all work out."

    Elliott Charlotte Notes
    This will be Elliott’s 53rd career start at Lowe’s Motor Speedway. He has two wins, four poles, 10 top-fives and 21 top-10s at the track. His most recent pole-position at the track came in the Coca-Cola 600 in 1992. Elliott’s two wins at the track came in the fall races of 1984 and 1987. He has won more than $1.7 million in earnings in NASCAR points races at Charlotte.
    Full Story

    Dodge This Teleconference: Ray Evernham, Mike Ford
    "As of last night, Bill (Elliott) has told me he's cleared to drive. He does have three broken bones in his foot, but he was with an orthopedic doctor in Georgia and also we've been back and forth in communication with Dr. Terry Trammel out of Indianapolis. He's in the process of making up a carbon fiber foot sole and foot protector for Bill. I guess this is a pretty common injury in open wheel racing. They do have carbon fiber braces, and Bill is being fitted with one of those today. He has no other injuries other than the bones in his foot."
    Full Story

    Elliott Donates $10,000 to Union County Primary School
    Students at Union County Primary school in Blairsville got a special ride today as they received a $10,000 donation from NASCAR driver Bill Elliott and celebrated reading transportation-style.
    Full Story

    Elliott Injured in Accident, Finishes 16th in The Winston
    Bill Elliott is being transported to a local hospital after complaining of pain in his left foot.
    X-rays have shown that Elliott broke three bones on the top of his left foot. His status for next week is uncertian at this time.

    Elliott, Dodge Squad Win Winston Pole
    BILL ELLIOTT (No. 9 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge Intrepid) - The Winston Pole Winner. Won The Winston in 1986 in Atlanta. Most recent Winston Pole came in 2000. Has won four of last seven poles for The Winston.

    "Qualifying hasn't been bad. It all came together tonight. Some nights everything goes your way, and some nights it don't. Tonight, everything went our way. We treated it like it was just another Saturday night under the lights. The team did a great job. They've been working real hard on pit stops and it paid off tonight. Ray has done a great job with this team, and we'll get ready and see if we can win that million dollars tomorrow night. We put it all together tonight, so we'll try to make it two for two."

    "Sometimes I don't agree with the format as far as qualifying goes, but it seems to play into my hands. I've always been sensitive to the issue on pit road because I had my guys hurt several years ago in an incident on pit road. Pit road has always been a sensitive issue. The last couple of years, we did it from a stop on pit road and then we went to our pit stop and started out. Before that we came down pit road pretty much wide open. I didn't know if I really agreed with that, but I still won the pole for it several times. Tonight, when I came in, I asked Mike Ford what we were going to do tonight. He said we were going to have to pick up pit road speed at the end of pit road. I thought that would be interesting, but it worked out. I was pleasantly surprised at the end of qualifying. I felt like we had a pretty good race car. I felt like we ran a pretty good first lap, and then we tied it all together. I got down pit road, got in my stall good and the guys did an awesome job on the pit stop. They dropped the jack and I got out good and it all came together. Ray's done such a good job putting this Dodge/UAW race team together. It's just unreal.

    "When I got my guys hurt and Mike Rich ended up getting killed in Atlanta, that's when we came down pit road wide open. Back several years ago, there were no guys on pit road when we ran down pit road. The last couple of years were pretty good where you just started from pit road and drove into your pit and left on pit road. Tonight it worked out pretty well. It's always been just a little bit of an issue because I've always had that in the back of my mind. The circumstances happened to be twice, at Riverside and Atlanta.

    "The key word is if you make it to the last segment. That's what makes it interesting. I made a comment out there earlier, sometimes the guy coming out of the Winston Open has an advantage on the guys in The Winston. For me, looking at the guy who wins the Winston Open, he's probably going to have a better handle on how the race track is going to be than the rest of us. It'll give him an opportunity to run The Open, then run the segments to get to the end.

    "I think the last several races we've been going in the right direction. California was definitely a step up. It was actually the first 500-mile race we finished. Daytona got rain shortened and the other two we fell out of. We've been on that roller-coaster ride, but I think now we're going in the right direction. I think Ray's got things turned around very well, and I feel like from this point on we're going to race tracks that fit my style very well. Hopefully we can put some good things together the next several weeks."

    Elliott The Winston Notes
    Elliott has driven in all but one Winston race, 1996, when he was unable to enter due to injuries sustained at Talladega that year. He is tied with Terry Labonte for the most Winston starts among active drivers (17). No driver in NASCAR history has competed in all 18 Winston events.
    Full Story

    Dodge This Teleconference: Elliott and Ford
    Bill Elliott finished 20th Saturday night at Richmond and moved up two spots to 19th in the NASCAR Winston Cup Standings. Elliott has climbed 14 spots in the standings in the past four races. "It's going to be tougher to move up the next 14 spots, but we've kinda got our act together and got to finishing here lately. We've had decent runs. We just need to keep chipping away at it."
    Full Story

    Evernham Motorsports Hosts Second Annual Fan Appreciation Day
    In appreciation of their support, Evernham Motorsports invites fans to join Bill Elliott, Jeremy Mayfield and Ray Evernham for the second annual Evernham Motorsports Fan Appreciation Day. The event will be held Friday, May 23, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., at the Evernham Motorsports facilities in Statesville, N.C.
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    Elliott Leads, Finishes 20th at Richmond
    "The rain just came at the wrong time for us," said Bill Elliott. "Our guys did a good job tonight. We started last, and we were able to get up front. We put on four tires with like 25 to go to make a run, but the cautions and the rain didn't fall our way tonight."

    Elliott Richmond Qualifying Quotes
    "We haven't been that good since we've been here. We've got to get better."

    Pontiac Excitement 400 Notes
    Practice 1 36 21.573 125.156
    Qualifying 28 21.571 125.168
    Practice 2 17 21.843 123.609
    Happy Hour 17 21.789 123.916

    Mountain Dew LiveWire Ignites Evernham Motorsports, Atwood
    Mountain Dew LiveWire, a new Dew that will be available from Memorial Day through Labor Day, is sponsoring the No. 91 Evernham Motorsports Dodge Intrepid for a one-race deal at the Pocono 500 on June 8, 2003, as part of its “summer-only” product launch.
    Full Story

    Evernham Engines Adds Key Member to Staff
    Evernham Motorsports announces a new addition to the staff of Evernham Engines. Effective immediately, Mark McArdle joins the organization as general manager. McArdle’s responsibilities include overseeing the more than 50 employees of Evernham Engines, which is located in Concord, N.C. The shop supplies engines to the No. 9 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge Intrepid, No. 19 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge Intrepid as well as the No. 14 Harrah’s Dodge.
    Full Story

    Elliott Richmond Notes
    This will be Elliott’s 43rd career start at Richmond Int’l Raceway. He has one win, three poles, eight top-fives and 15 top-10s at the track. Elliott has led 11 races at Richmond for a total of 486 laps.
    Full Story

    Elliott Fourth in Fontana
    "We had some lugnut problems and lost track position. We lost all track position. As good as everybody runs, it's just hard to get up through there," said Bill Elliott after scoring his season's best finish. "We were a little bit off the run before, but that last set of tires was really hooked up good. We finally made up some ground. I don't know if I could have beat the 97, but I believe I could have beat those other two cars if I just could have got to 'em. Everybody races so hard and so long it's just hard to do. From where we've been this season, a top 10 would have been great."

    Elliott Qualifies on Outside-Pole at California
    "These guys just keep working together and communicating and trying to work things out. You unload and you're off in one direction and they keep working on the car. It's a heck of a group of guys. They work really hard. I don't think it's going to be a disadvantage at all going out early the way the weather conditions are. If this thing gets windy and the sun comes out, it may be an advantage."
    Elliott California Qualifying Quotes

    Auto Club 500 Notes
    Practice 1 27 39.287 183.267
    Qualifying 2 38.539 186.824
    Practice 2 22 39.927 180.329
    Happy Hour 15 40.390 178.262

    Elliott California Notes
    Elliott has started in all six Winston Cup races at California, earning his sole top-five/top-10 finish at the track in 2002 when he moved from a 39th place start to finish fourth - the best Dodge Intrepid finish at California to date. Elliott’s best qualifying effort at the track is a 12th place starting spot, which he earned in 1998. He has led two races (’00 and ’02) for a total of four laps at California.
    Full Story

    Elliott Finishes 13th at Martinsville
    "I don't think I ever drove that hard to finish 13th," said Bill Elliott after his hard-fought effort. "It's just all about track position, and we chased it all day long."

    Elliott Martinsville Qualifying Quotes
    "It wasn't a great run, but that's about the way we had been practicing," said Bill Elliott after grabbing the 31st starting spot at Martinsville. "We've been struggling a little bit with this Dodge, but we'll be OK for Sunday."

    Virginia 500 Notes
    Practice 1 16 20.413 92.764
    Qualifying 31 20.450 92.597
    Practice 2 11 20.691 91.518
    Happy Hour 11 20.728 91.355

    Elliott's Pit Crew Wins Again
    For the second time in the last three races, the crew of Bill Elliott's No. 9 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge Intrepid captured the McDonald's Drive-Thru Pit Championship fueled by POWERade. Elliott's crew took first place honors and the $20,000 check for eligible teams in Sunday's (April 6) Aaron's 499 at Talladega Superspeedway -- Round 8 of the McDonald's Drive-Thru Pit Championship. Elliott's team, owned by Evernham Motorsports, also came in first at the Food City 500 -- March 23 at Bristol Motor Speedway.
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    Elliott Martinsville Notes
    Though he has never visited victory lane or earned the pole position at Martinsville, Elliott has accumulated three top-fives and 13 top-10 finishes in 40 starts at NASCAR’s oldest track. He has led five Martinsville races for 241 laps, most recently logging five bonus points in the fall race of 1990.
    Full Story

    Elliott 13th in Talladega
    "I was just there, and got to see it all. I'm just glad it's over," said Bill Elliott after surviving Talladega to finish 13th. "This ain't what my definition of racing is."

    Aaron's 499 Notes
    Practice 1 9 51.613 185.535
    Qualifying 5 51.496 185.956
    Happy Hour 3 49.362 193.995

    Elliott Talladega Notes
    This weekend’s race will mark Elliott’s 52nd start at Talladega Superspeedway, tying the most starts Elliott has made at any racetrack on the NASCAR circuit (Atlanta). He has two wins, eight poles, 10 top-fives and 22 top-10 finishes at the track.
    Full Story

    Elliott Blows Up While Leading, Finishes Last in Texas
    "There's a lot of moving parts in the motor. There's no telling what happened," said Bill Elliott, who's engine blew up after leading 43 of the race's first 46 laps. "It was pretty strong, but it's not too strong when it's loaded on the truck before the race is over. It's been par for the year. We've had a lot of problems. The first time you feel like you have a decent car and this happens. I've got to hand it to the guys. They've put some good stuff under me, and we'll get it. It'll take a little bit of time. I'm just happy where we're at. At least it tore up leading the race. That's one positive side. It's the best we've run this year.

    "The track was pretty much one groove. I didn't do anything wrong. I didn't over turn it or miss a shift or anything. When I went from one gear to the next, it started missing. Then it just started smoking down the backstretch. We had a good strong race car. I just need to keep the morale up for all our guys. It was just one of those unfortunate deals. You can't ever tell. This is one of those race tracks that's hard on motors.

    "We've worked hard and come a long way. We've had a tough start to the season. We're showing improvement every week. We ran good at Darlington. I feel like we had a good day at Bristol, and we were having a good day here. We've just got to figure out how to stick around until the end. These guys have worked their hearts out to make this deal work."

    Elliott Texas Qualifying Quotes
    "It was a little on the free side," said Bill Elliott after qualifying sixth for the Samsung/Radio Shack 500. "We've still got a lot of good cars left to go, so we'll just have to wait and see where we end up. Going early really didn't help much. That's just the way it goes. Maybe we'll get lucky and end up with a top 10 starting spot."

    Samsung/Radio Shack 500 Notes
    Practice 1 12 28.273 190.995
    Qualifying 6 28.082 192.294
    Practice 2 3 28.668 188.363
    Happy Hour 11 28.914 186.761

    Elliott Texas Notes
    This weekend’s race will mark Elliott’s seventh career start at Texas Motor Speedway. He has one pole position and one top-10 at the track, both earned in last year’s Samsung/RadioShack 500. Elliott started first, finished ninth and led 13 laps in last year’s event - all career bests at Texas. He has placed in the top-15 in four of his six races at Texas.
    Full Story

    Pit-Road Gaffe Regulates Elliott to 18th at Bristol
    "This was one of the best cars I've had here in a long, long time," said Bill Elliott after finishing 18th at Bristol, three laps down. "My hat's off to the crew. It looked like we were headed for a top-10 finish, and any time you can do that at Bristol you've had a good day. We'll just get our Dodge ready for Texas and try to get 'em again next week."

    Food City 500 Notes
    Practice 1 21 15.267 125.683
    Qualifying 5 15.108 127.006
    Practice 2 11 15.745 121.867
    Happy Hour 39 15.896 120.710

    Elliott Bristol Notes
    Elliott earned his sole victory at Bristol in the racetrack’s 55th race when he moved from 13th place to victory lane in spring of 1988. Elliott’s pole position at Bristol came in the fall race three years later as he started from the front in the 1991 Bud 500. Elliott’s most recent top-10 finish at the track came in the spring race of 1997 when he finished seventh.
    Full Story

    Number 9 Ninth in Darlington
    Bill Elliott led the way for Dodge at Darlington on Sunday with a ninth-place finish in his 700th career start. "We just never could get going," said Elliott. "I was terrible at first and as the race went on we kinda got better. This cold has had me whipped, and I just haven't been feeling good physically. With the way my year's been, anything has got to be an improvement. I'm pleased. We're gaining on it, but this cold has whipped me and this race track whipped me and I'm ready to go home."

    Darlington Qualifying Quotes
    "I guess I must have forgotten how to get around this track," said Bill Elliott after qualifying 25th for the Carolina Dodge Dealers 400. "We just haven't been running that well since we've been here."

    Carolina Dodge Dealers 400 Notes
    Practice 1 13 29.470 166.868
    Qualifying 25 29.309 167.785
    Practice 2 3 29.565 166.332
    Happy Hour 19 29.895 164.496

    Ince, Ford Fined for Infractions at Atlanta
    NASCAR Winston Cup Series crew chiefs James Ince and Mike Ford were fined $1,000 each for rules violations that occurred during Sunday’s Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway, NASCAR officials announced today. Ince, crew chief for the No.10 Pontiac of driver Johnny Benson, was fined for an unapproved fuel filler check valve assembly. He was in violation of the following in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series Rule Book: Section 12-4-Q, “Any determination by NASCAR Officials that parts and/or equipment used in the Event do not conform to NASCAR rules”; and Section 12-4-A: “Actions detrimental to stock car racing.” Ford, crew chief for the No. 9 Dodge of driver Bill Elliott, was fined for altering the car on pit road after the car had passed template inspection (Section 20-3.12.1) and actions detrimental to stock car racing (Section 12-4-A).

    Elliott Darlington Notes
    This weekend’s race will mark Elliott’s 700th career Winston Cup Series start. Last weekend, Elliott moved to seventh on the all-time starts list, passing Buddy Baker (698). Richard Petty heads the list with 1,177 starts, followed by Dave Marcis (882), Darrell Waltrip (809), Ricky Rudd (771), Terry Labonte (749) and Bobby Allison (717). Elliott is third in overall starts among active drivers. In his 28 years of racing, Elliott has amassed 43 wins, 55 poles, 166 top-fives and 307 top-tens. If Elliott continues to start every race of the 2003 season, he will surpass Bobby Allison to rank sixth on the all-time start list in the fall race at Michigan Int’l Speedway.
    Full Story

    Elliott's Engine Expires in Atlanta
    "It had a real bad vibration in the motor and it just quit," said Bill Elliott after finishing 39th in his 699th career start and his 53rd career start at Atlanta Motor Speedway. "We started out really loose, and then we kept getting it better and better. We didn't have anything for the 18 and that group. They're just in a class kind of by themselves, and nobody else is running with 'em. This has just been par for the year for us, but we'll get better."

    Elliott Qualifies on Front Row at Atlanta
    "We didn't know where the new body would be, and we feel like we've learned some things the last few weeks," said Bill Elliott after qualifying second in Atlanta. "We need to get started on a good season. I might be getting too old for this. I can't hold my breath that long any more. You just get all you can get, but you wish you could have got a little bit more. At least we're up toward the front, and that's a good sign for us. We had an idea what the track was going to do. Jeremy had run, and we got some feedback from him. We watched other cars go out, and it did cool down a little bit for us. Ryan busted off a good lap, and that's what it takes.

    "I've very proud of the guys. We just need to get a little better with race preparation. We've been off a little bit this season for whatever reason. Now we just need to turn the season around a little bit and get going. I don't think you can do it (hold it wide open here), especially in one and two. One and two is so much different than three and four. It's a tighter and harder corner. You can't run one and two wide open here. You've got an opportunity in three and four. If the surface was newer you could probably do it.

    "As the race track gets age on it, it gets more raceable. It becomes less of a one groove race track. We saw it at Chicago and we saw it at Kansas City. To me, any time they repave these race tracks, I feel like it's a negative to the racing on Sunday. They've got to build the tires so hard, the speeds get faster and it becomes so one lane. The way the surface is today, you'll get in a good lap qualifying but as we saw in practice, the times when you went out the second, third and fourth times fell off almost a second for some guys. That goes to help put on better racing. As the times fall off, some of the guys aren't so good to get their cars working well and get in position they need to be in. I guess I've always liked going fast. It's been more relative to my driving style I guess. As long as you can keep it between the ditches, you've had a good afternoon.

    "I wish they would have never changed it. To me, they're making these cookie cutter race tracks. The old Atlanta had a personality about it, the way the corners were banked. When they came back and redid it, they banked the lower corner a little bit more, and it became a little bit quicker. The old speedway, it was a little less banked at the bottom and you could gain a little bit more at the top. You could run anywhere around here. I really enjoyed running the old race track. It had a personality of its own."

    Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500 Notes
    Practice 1 6 29.127 190.339
    Qualifying 2 28.991 191.232
    Happy Hour 10 29.959 185.053

    Elliott Atlanta Notes
    This weekend’s race will mark Elliott’s 699th career Winston Cup Series start. In that time Elliott has amassed 43 wins, 55 poles, 166 top-fives and 307 top-tens. If Elliott continues to start every race in 2003, he will make his career start number 700 in the March 16, Carolina Dodge Dealers 400 at Darlington.
    Full Story

    Elliott Fights Flu to Finish 14th in Vegas
    "We gave it all we had today," said Bill Elliott, after finishing 14th at Las Vegas despite suffering from the flu. "I haven’t been feeling well, but we made it to the end of the race. The guys kept working on the car and kept making it better. It was tight at first, but they kept working on it and we had a decent car at the end. The guys did a great job in the pits. They didn’t give up on me, and I didn’t give up on them. It paid off with a pretty good finish considering everything we were up against."

    UAW-DaimlerChrysler 400 Notes
    Practice 1 38 32.148 167.973
    Qualifying 30 31.884 169.364
    Practice 2 20 32.511 166.098
    Happy Hour 30 32.810 164.584

    Elliott Las Vegas Notes
    In Elliott’s five visits to Las Vegas Motor Speedway he has earned one top-five and three top-10s at the track. His best start came in his first race at the track, when he started fourth and finished ninth in the 1998 Las Vegas 400. Elliott’s best finish came at the CarsDirect.com 400 in 2000 when he moved up 35 spots from his provisional start of 39th, to end up fourth on the day.
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    Elliott 32nd Again
    Bill Elliott has posted back-to-back 32nd-place finishes at Daytona and Rockingham. “We just totally missed our setup,” said Elliott. “With all of Saturday’s practice rained out we were trying to run on last year’s stuff a little bit. You know, these guys are pretty good on the digging racetracks with the new aero package. We just totally missed it. That’s all there is to it. Our qualifying effort was good, but it just went downhill from there.”

    Elliott Rockingham Qualifying Quotes
    "We gained on it a lot. I'm very pleased," said Elliott after qualifying fifth at 'The Rock.' "We weren't that good in practice, but the guys did a lot to help the car. We were in qualifying setup. I really don't believe anybody went out there in race setup. We've got a good starting spot, so hopefully we'll get a chance to work on it in practice a little more Saturday if it doesn't rain."

    Subway 400 Notes
    Practice 1 24 24.164 151.515
    Qualifying 5 23.710 154.416

    Elliott Rockingham Notes
    Sunday’s race will mark Elliott’s 47th career start at Rockingham. Elliott has earned three wins, two poles, 11 top-fives, 20 top-10s and more than one million dollars in earnings at “the Rock”. His most recent victory at the track came in the spring race of 1992 - his 25th visit to the track and 35th career victory. He earned both of his pole positions at Rockingham in 1988.
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    Elliott 32nd in Rain-Shortened Daytona 500
    “We had a good little run going there at the beginning,” said Bill Elliott after the Daytona 500. “The rain just hurt us there at the end. We came into the pits to try and fix some damage to our left front and it just ended up being right when the rain came. We just had a little bit of bad luck.”

    Daytona 500 Notes
    Practice 1 12 49.113 183.251
    Practice 2 16 49.158 183.083
    Qualifying 12 48.797 184.438
    Practice 3 8 47.901 187.887
    Practice 4 10 47.658 188.846
    Practice 5 30 48.137 186.966
    Practice 6 34 48.244 186.552
    Practice 7 17 48.060 187.266
    Practice 8 12 48.160 186.877

    Dodge Gives Green Flag to SRT Advertising
    Dodge NASCAR drivers Bill Elliott, Sterling Marlin and Rusty Wallace, as well as racing legend Richard Petty, take a break from their day jobs to star in a new TV ad for Dodge and its line of SRT performance vehicles.
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    Elliott Eighth in 125
    "We've improved since the Shootout," said Bill Elliott. "We had a good run going, and then we got shuffled back. We had to work our way back up, and we got a decent finish out of it. We'll work hard on handling and try to improve on that Sunday in the Daytona 500."

    Voting Opens For Most Popular Driver - Elliott Removes Name
    Online voting for this year’s Grands!® Biscuits NMPA NASCAR Most Popular Driver Award officially opened today with the launch of www.mostpopulardriver.com. But the site is missing something. Sixteen-time winner Bill Elliott’s name isn’t on the ballot. With Elliott out and the Web site now available, fans should start voting because the 2003 Most Popular Drive Award is anyone’s race.
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    Elliott Daytona Wednesday Quotes
    Bill Elliott, a 16-time Grand Biscuits NMPA NASCAR Most Popular Driver, withdrew his name from the 2003 ballot today. "I want to announce formally that I'm gracefully retiring my name from most popular driver. The fans have been fantastic, but I feel like I've been in the spotlight enough, and it's time for me to step back and see what's going on around me. I kind of wanted to do it last year, but things didn't work out. Being the way things turned around, the fans have been great. I don't know if I could ever repay those folks for the dedication they've given me. I'm going to sit back and see what the new names come up to be."
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    Elliott Daytona Tuesday Quotes
    Bill Elliott will make his 696th NASCAR Winston Cup career start on Sunday in the 45th annual Daytona 500. Even more impressive, it will be Elliott's 25th career start in the Daytona 500. In 51 career starts at Daytona, Elliott has four victories, 15 top fives and 24 top 10s. He won the Daytona 500 in 1985 and '87 and the Pepsi 400 in 1988 and '91. The 47-year-old driver from Dawsonville, Ga., started 29th and finished 11th in last year's Daytona 500.
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    Dodge City - The Fan Fun Capital of Daytona 500 Speedweeks
    Dodge Motorsports is celebrating the start of the 2003 NASCAR Winston Cup season and Daytona Speedweeks with an exciting new Dodge City lineup of featured events and appearances for Daytona-bound fans. Dodge City will be Race Central for some of the best fun in Daytona Beach.
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    Most Popular Driver Announcement
    Bill Elliott, the 16-time Most Popular Driver, will be involved in an important announcement concerning the Grands! Biscuits NMPA NASCAR Most Popular Driver Award. The press conference will take place on Wednesday, February 12th at 2:00 p.m. in the Infield Media Center Press Conference Room at Daytona International Speedway.

    Budweiser Shootout Notes
    Starting 13 - -
    Practice 1 8 48.657 184.968
    Practice 2 11 48.456 185.736
    Finish 16 - -

    Dodge Trio Bring Passion for Racing to Motorsports Program
    The 45th annual Daytona 500 on Feb. 16, 2003 at Daytona International Speedway will mark Dodge's third season back in NASCAR Winston Cup competition since leaving in 1980. Dodge teams combined for 12 poles and 11 victories in 2001 and 2002, including wins in the Daytona 500 and Brickyard 400 last season.
    Full Story

    Elliott Daytona Testing Quotes
    "Ray (Evernham) has given me a great opportunity. With Dodge coming in almost three years ago and putting together a great program and Ray backing that up with what he's put into the equation has really made it a fun effort for me and for the race team. It's been great to see Mike Ford (Team Director), I brought him on my deal in 2000, and he's really grown and shown to be a great leader. It's just like Mark (Martin) said, you encircle yourself with good people. That's what brings out the best in you. It's not every time you can put it all together and win races. If you can just do it once or a couple of times in a year's time you've done a heck of a job."
    Full Story

    Daytona Testing Notes
    Day One AM 20 49.825 180.632
    Day One PM 14 49.511 181.778
    Day Two AM 18 49.679 181.163
    Day Two PM 16 49.581 181.521
    Day Three AM 20 49.541 181.668
    Day Three PM 21 49.627 181.353

    Evernham Motorsports Announces New Duties for Several Key Personnel
    Evernham Motorsports announces that several key personnel have assumed new duties within the organization. Effective immediately, Kenny Francis assumes the role of team director. Prior to accepting this position, Francis was race engineer for the No. 9 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge driven by Bill Elliott.
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    Dodge Teams Kick Off 2003 at Daytona Test Session
    Dodge's "Dirty Dozen" will kick off preseason NASCAR Winston Cup testing today at Daytona International Speedway in preparation for the season-opening Daytona 500 on Feb. 16 at the 2.5-mile track.
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    Siemens Joins Evernham Motorsports as Associate Sponsor and Technology Partner
    Staying ahead of the pack means presenting yourself as a leader and innovator. Siemens realizes this and Ray Evernham has proven himself in this role as a premier NASCAR Winston Cup Team Owner. Today, announcing their Associate Sponsorship and Technology Partnership with Evernham Motorsports, Siemens combines their innovative technologies with a proven leader.
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    The Fans Have Spoken - Elliott Voted NMPA NASCAR Most Popular Driver
    Continuing his dominance of fan popularity, Bill Elliott edged out fellow racer Dale Earnhardt, Jr. to win the Grands!® Biscuits NMPA NASCAR Most Popular Driver Award for 2002. Elliott and Earnhardt battled for the leader position in recent months as fans across the country placed more online votes than ever before as part of the only fan-based NASCAR award. The announcement was made today during the National Motorsports Press Association’s (NMPA) Myers Brothers Awards Breakfast at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City.
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