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Our Apologies

Jeff Holtzclaw We would like to apologize for the issues that led to the site being down for an extended amount of time - especially during the Chase for the Championship. But, as you will see, small problems with the site are seriously outweighed by the continued poor health of our owner Jeff Holtzclaw. It is amazing how so much can happen to one person. I guess the old saying, “Bad things happen to good people” couldn’t hold more weight.

We suffered some technical difficulties on the Saturday of the Dover weekend that took us down. To fix the problems we needed an admin password, no problem right?

We put in a call to get the password from Jeff, left a message on his answering machine and waited… and waited… and waited some more. Several more calls went unanswered. Little did we know that Jeff was in a hospital bed at Duke University Hospital in North Carolina with even more health problems!

On top of his other ailments that have disabled him for the past two years, he had developed paralysis of his eyes and both sides of his face, double vision, blurred vision, numbness of his entire body, lost coordination in his arms and legs, had no reflexes anywhere in his body and had trouble breathing as well as swallowing. He couldn’t walk nor feed himself or do any “normal” everyday activities.

After several failed diagnosis at his local hospital, he was diagnosed with Miller Fisher Syndrome at Duke.

The doctors said that he was treated just in time, if he didn’t start receiving treatment when he did, the damage could have been permanent. Treatment was an extended process that could not fix the problems, it just stopped the damage being done to the body so that healing process could begin.

After the hospital stay, he was then transferred by ambulance to Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Center in Greenville, SC, a 4 ˝ hour trip, where he is now and where the healing process has begun through intense physical therapy.

He has to retrain his body how to walk and do everything else that we take for granted every day. He will not be able to move his eyes for at least another three to five months and has to wear a patch to cover one eye so that he will not see two of everything. So he can only see out of one blurry eye that does not move, he has to move his head where he wants to look, while he learns how to walk again. Not an easy task!

We finally got the admin password when his wife called to let us know what was going on with him, of course they had no idea we were having problems with the site. At this time the site really wasn’t all that important to us but Jeff wanted for us to get the site back up ASAP.

We would like to thank all of you who took the time to email us with your concerns while we were experiencing the technical difficulties. Well, not necessarily “all” of you, it is amazing how some people can be so downright hateful and rude. We did not receive any of your emails until we repaired our problems.

We now seem to have everything up and running again but Jeff has a long way to go, he has months of rehab before he is even close to being back to normal. After his stay at Roger Peace is done, he will need home therapy and finally out-patient therapy.

Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers and don’t forget about the benefit or simply click the button below to make a donation to this wonderful family in need.

Thank you
The Race 2 Win Team



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