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Jeff Holtzclaw Benefit
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Jeff Holtzclaw Benefit/Fund Raiser

Jeff Holtzclaw June 16, 2005 – We here at Race 2 Win have dealt with a huge aperture since October of 2004 as Jeff Holtzclaw, the owner/webmaster of this site, has been out of commission due to an extreme health issue. So many of you sent in emails and have asked, “What can I do to help?” Well, here is a very small way for you to pitch in.

First off, an update is in order; Jeff is probably in the worse shape that he has been. The constant pain – over nine months worth – has driven his depression, “off the charts,” according to one of his Doctors, he said there was no way to describe his depression as being any lower. So, the pain makes the depression worse and vise versa, the depression makes the pain worse. He now has a ‘team’ of about five Doctors at Duke Medical Hospital who are the best at what they do and each one has said that it is their top priority to get Jeff well again and get him the life back that he so dearly craves.

Now on to the benefit, what Jeff and his family need more than anything is money to pay the bills that keep pilling up, and we know that nobody is just going to send out cash to a stranger, especially over the internet. So we have set up the Race 2 Win store at CafePress at
and marked up the prices so that Jeff would get, on average about $11.00 - $12.00 per item bought. We know it is not a lot but it is a start. So buy a shirt, buy two or three, buy a sweatshirt, buy a hat, buy it all! Remember, the profit from every single item that you buy is going to help one very sick man pay his bills, so buy, buy, buy.


This benefit not only helps out one of the greatest guys that you will ever meet but you will also own high-quality Race 2 Win gear! In fact, if you just really want to help out and don't want the R2W merchandise, you can send yours to Jeff or Jeff’s son as a gift when you place your order at CafePress, just contact us here and we will give you the address. Some of you have asked if you can just send a check to the family instead of buying anything, of course you can, that would be great, just click here and let us know and we will send you the address.

We now have set up a way where you can make your donation to the Holtzclaw family fast and easy using PayPal. The preceding page will say that the donaition is going to Creating 4 U, that is the name of Jeff's wife's scrapbook company which uses PayPal, so it will definately go where it is needed, just click the button below to make your donation:

The Race 2 Win Team



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